Techno Gamerz Minecraft: All you Need to Know

Here are some of the recent questions asked about the "Techno Gamerz". You will get most of the answers by reading the article.

Techno Gamerz Minecraft

You ever heard Techno Gamerz while playing with your friends? Maybe seen this name in some youtube videos? This article provides complete details about Techno Gamerz in  Minecraft.

Who is Techno Gamerz? 

Well, Techno Gamerz a.k.a “Ujjwal Chaurasia”, is one of the greatest and biggest Minecraft Player and Streamer on youtube. The Minecraft Community of India adores him a lot. He mainly focuses on GTA v and Minecraft. His channel name is “Techno Gamerz”.

What is Techno Gamerz in Minecraft?

Techo Gamerz
Techo Gamerz

Well if are not already aware, it is a Minecraft journey series on his channel on youtube. It was started on the 29th of April 2020 and has over 76 Episodes at the time of this article being written. Therefore, from the very beginning this series has received tremendous love and support from the audience.

Techno Gamerz’s Server:  

When he got all the love and immense response from his fans. He decided to do something for them. As a result, he created a Server so that he can play with all his fans and can connect to them.

On his server, players can play and participate in different mini-games such as:-

  • Survival
  • Bedwars
  • TNT Run
  • Prop Hunt
  • Quake

Here is his server’s IP Address: But to play in his server, a player must register in the server first. After that, you can play.

Techno Gamerz’s Most Popular Minecraft Game Plays:

Techno Gamer's Most Popular Minecraft Game Plays
Techno Gamerz

There are a lot of popular gameplays. Starting the journey from a small mountain to a “Giant Castle”, he has come really far. Moreover, his castle is remarkably the best build he has ever done. The castle is so mesmerizing that many of the players try to copy and create the same.

His castle consists of various parts like:

  1. Large Hall with a Gold Throne covered with fire.
  2. Five Working Beacons on the roof. And I don’t need to remind you that how hard it is to ever acquire one “Beacon”.
  3. He has a beautiful Town Hall for his villagers along with an amazing Trading Hall in his Castle’s Courtyard.

Along with his castle, he has many other marvelous builds that consist:

  • Infinite Gold and XP Farm
  • Adventure of Water Temple
  • Gold Mansion Build and much more.

I hope that you will find this Techno Gamerz in Minecraft article useful and if you have any other queries, feel free to ask in the comments. Our team will try to answer is it as soon as possible.

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