Today’s Fortnite Item Shop: Rift Tour Outfits Removed!

What's in today's Fortnite item shop? Check all the details here. Also know more about the other sections of the item shop.

Today's Fortnite item shop

Today’s Fortnite Item Shop: The Fortnite Item shop for today brings some exciting stuff for us. But with this, there is also a departure of the Rift Tour items from the Fortnite Item Shop. Although the Fortnite Item Shop is yet to change outfits from Jojojosiah. We’ll talk about the featured, daily and overall Fortnite Item Shop of 10 August 2021 here.

What is in Today’s Fortnite Item Shop?

What is in the Fortnite item shop today

In the Fortnite Item Shop today we have Kitbash, Flare and Nitebeam as the Epic outfits. While Flare and Nitebeam are from the Stormlight bundle (Chapter 1 Season 9). Kitbash and Sparkplug are from the Boneyard set from Chapter 1 Season 7. Although both of these bundles are available you can still choose to buy the outfits and accessories seperately.

Besides this, in the Featured Items we also have Longshot and Insight (Rare Outfits) from the Ranged Recon set. Both of these will be costing 1200 V-bucks. Diamond Hanz (Rare) from recent Chapter 2 Season 6 is also featuring in this section of today’s Fortnite item shop.

As far as accessories go the ‘Socks’ emote, Splintered Light (Rare) Vivid axe (Uncommon) pick-axes, and the mega-bat (Uncommon) glider.

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Daily Items:

Fortnite item shop today

Gia (Epic) a really astonishing skin from the Chapter 2 Season 6. Furthermore, we also have the Envoy (Uncommon) outfit from Chapter 2 Season 2.

Finally, the Ice-Breaker pick-ax, Signature Shuffle (Epic), Have a Seat (Uncommon),  T-Pose (Uncommon) are the emotes in today’s Fortnite item shop.

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Other Items in the Fortnite Item Shop Today:

These include the Ariana Grande (Icon Series) Fortnite skin with her accessories. Further, the Street Fighter skins are still available to buy. Guile and Cammy are featuring in this section.

From DC we even have the Bloodsport outfit. The Bloodsport Camo (wrap) and A.R.G.U.S Sabre (Pick-ax). Fortnite released Bloodsport on August 4, 2021 and he hasn’t left the shop yet.

Astonishingly, we still have the Snake Eyes bundle in the special offers section at the end. The Chapter 2 Season 5 Epic skin has been in the Fortnite Item Shop for 18 days straight.

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This is all for the Today’s Fortnite Item Shop. For more latest news, updates, skins, leaks, glitches, quests and much more in Fortnite you can keep following us. If you have any queries regarding anything you can also tell us in the comments section below. Until next time!

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