How to Get Gamora in Fortnite?: Gamora Cup Details

Gamora will be releasing very soon in Fortnite. Know all the details of the new Gamora Skin in Fortnite here. Keep reading to also know how to get your hands on Gamora!

gamora fortnite
Gamora Fortnite

Gamora Fortnite: Guardians of the Galaxy is now making a return in Fortnite. We’ll also be seeing the return of the Star Lord Outfit with Gamora. Here, we will tell you exactly how you can get your hands on the new Gamora Skin and help you out with the Gamora Cup in Fortnite.

Guardians of Galaxy X Fortnite: Gamora Returns to Fortnite

The whole Guardians of the Galaxy theme will be returning to the Fortnite Item Shop on 14/08/2021 at 8 PM ET. However, we still are missing Drax from the Guardians of Galaxy. It can be that Fortnite might be planning soon for him as well. And this will actually be a really good time for him.

Gamora will return to help Fortnite get rid of the pesky aliens:

 Moving ahead, we will have the Star Lord Outfit in Fortnite by the same date as well. Basically, you can also expect Groot and Rocket to be there as well. According to Epic the Zen-Whoberian strongest woman on the planet will help Fortnite fend off the aliens from Season 7.

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How to Get Gamora in Fortnite?


gamora cup fortnite
Gamora Cup Fortnite

A lot of people might want the skin before its release. Fortnite has also made arrangements regarding the same. Fortnite is going to be organizing the Gamora Cup on the 11th of August. This competition will be similar to the Cammy Cup, that is you’ll need to compete against different players in order to get the Gamora skin.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Other Accessories and Outfits

Besides the Gamora Skin, you’ll also get Gamora’s Cloak (Back bling), Godslayer (Pick-ax), and Godslayer (Glider). And all of this will be featured under the Guardians of Galaxy. Star Lord will return with Gamora in the Fortnite item shop as well.

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Gamora Cup Details:

gamora cup details

On the 11th of August, you’ll be able to participate with one duo friend of yours. This tournament will have a similar format as before. Each elimination will give you one point. Howsoever, you’ll only get 3 hours to complete the duo matches for the Gamora Cup.

In these 3 hours, 10 matches will take place. If you manage to become one of the top-performing teams then you can get your hands on Gamora in Fortnite. Hopefully, you know that competitive is going to be hard and everyone will be having their eyes on Gamora. But even if you just get 8 points Fortnite will reward you with the ‘Daughter of Thanos’ spray.

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