How To Download Fortnite On Android: Complete Guide

how to download fortnite on android
How to Download Fortnite on Android

Download Fortnite Android: At present time Fortnite comes under one of the best battle Royale Games in the market. Everyone loves this game and due to Epic efforts to make the game more attractive and interesting more players are joining Fortnite with their different devices. So players who have Android wants to know How To Download Fortnite On Android?

It is a pretty easy task to download Fortnite on your Android. The whole task will not take much time. Also please note that if you search Fortnite on the Playstore directly then you will not able to find it there. You will see “No results for Fortnite” if you search Fortnite on Playstore.

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Download Fortnite On Android:

download fortnite android
download Fortnite android

So have you tried getting Fortnite mobile on your android phone and you went to the Playstore and you typed in Fortnite under the search bar and literally, nothing showed up and then you thought that now you cannot get it on your phone anymore.

Well, the good news is that it is not the case and you can still get it on your phone. So in order to get Fortnite on your Android device players will need to follow the below steps.

Steps to Get Fortnite Android:

Firstly open up a web browser or Google on your android phone and search Fortnite on it. You will see the Epic Games website showing you the Download option. So simply click on it and suddenly you will reach here.

After reaching this website you need to download the file whose name is Epic Games App. Once it is downloaded simply install it on your phone. After getting it installed on your phone open the Epic Games there you will find two options asking to find your existing account or simply create a new account. (Stitech.edu)

So if you already have a Fortnite account then you can get all your data to your Fortnite android version. But if you don’t have an account then you can create it and it will not take much time. Basically, both options are available for players like if you need your old account on your phone or want to play with a new account.

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Once you log in there you will get an option to download Fortnite android on your phone. After downloading it just tap on the play option to simply run Fortnite android on your mobile phone.

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