Where to Plant Wiretaps in Fortnite: All Locations

Plant Wiretaps in Fortnite. Where to plant the wiretaps in Fortnite? Know everything about this week's legendary challenge to place wiretaps in Fortnite right here.

plant wire traps fortnite
Plant wiretaps Fortnite

Plant wiretaps Fortnite: The new week 8 Legendary challenges are out in Fortnite. So players are again on the grind for these. We are going to discuss how and where to plant or place wiretaps in Fortnite.

What are Wiretaps in Fortnite?

place wiretap fortnite
Place a Wiretap Fortnite

This time Doctor Slone wants us to place wiretaps to keep a track of the aliens scattered out throughout the map of Fortnite. However, we are to actually just place 3 of them on the locations we will now mention. The wiretaps will look like metallic boxes after you place them. We will tell you the exact locations of the wiretaps in Fortnite further on.

If you remember correctly this is also a Chapter 2 Season 5 challenge which was really similar. But this time Fortnite will reward a whooping 30,000XP instead of a measly 1000XP for completing the mission. This is all about the wiretaps in Fortnite now about Doctor Slone’s plan.

Doctor Slone and her notorious plans are still unknown. This is moving on further in the story mode of Fortnite. Although, there are many more challenges and we will cover them all one by one.

Did you know that there might be a Lil Nas X skin in Fortnite according to some leaks?

Where to Plant Wiretaps in Fortnite?

place wiretaps fortnite locations
Placing Wiretaps in Fortnite All Locations

We have done our work to find out the locations for placing these wiretaps in Fortnite. In order to place them, you’ll have to go up to their hologram. And then click on ‘place’. You’ll have to place them at any 3 locations from the ones below:

  • Catty Corner: You’ll be able to place the wiretaps at different locations at the tunnel. It is right below the base camp golf.
  • Lazy Lake: At Lazy Lake right beside the van for reviving you can place them at three different locations. One is behind the wall, the other is at the bushes.
  • Defiant Dish: The defiant dish is right below the Aftermath. Here you’ll be able to place the wiretap at the main satellite tower, and two of the buildings placed on either side of the location.
  • Dinky Dish: You can place the wiretaps right below the 2 towers at the Dinky Dish. And the last one is below the main satellite.
  • Dockside Dish: Below the main satellite of the Dockside Dish (beside Dirty Docks) you’ll be able to place these at 3 different places. One of which is the main satellite.

The fastest way to complete this plant Wiretaps Fortnite challenge will be by traveling with either the new Ferrari, a UFO, or any other vehicle. Or else you can keep looking for launch pads and farm a lot of builds to complete the challenge quicker.

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You can also stay updated with us for further Fortnite news and updates. We will also be covering more such challenges on our site so keep following us to have a guide on all of them.

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