Lil Nas X Fortnite Skin: New Skin Leak?

Is Lil Nas X really coming to Fortnite? Why do we think he might be the next new skin in Fortnite? Check out more about the rumors and leaks for the Lil Nas X Skin and its concept in Fortnite here.

Lil Nas X Fortnite
Lil Nas X Fortnite

Lil Nas X Fortnite Skin: Will Lil Nas X be coming to Fortnite after his debut in the Industry baby song? This time D3NNI is back with his own made Fortnite Skin for the celebrity. Know everything about the new skin leak, emote, concert and its details from us here.

Lil Nas X Fortnite Skin Concept:

Lil Nas X Fortnite Skin inudstry baby

Although this is just a concept we can still believe the skin can be coming as an Icon Series Skin. D3NNI also believes the same and that’s why he also came up with this skin concept:

You can also read the whole thread to know more about the leak. And take a look at the skins D3NNI has leaked. So far it is just a concept and not officially released in Fortnite. Even so, you can see all the skin leaks from him with his very recent Industry Baby theme in Fortnite.

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What is the Industry Baby Emote in Fortnite?

This is yet another concept that a lot of players are speculating to come out soon. However, you can still expect this since there are so many things than just the icon series skin concept. A lot of data miners have also revealed the release of the new song from Lil Nas X as an emote in Fortnite.

There are a lot of stories behind this skin in Fortnite. You can also watch the videos from xDogged on YouTube for more such stories. Now there isn’t a particular reason for the skin to release in Fortnite. But there are a few signs for the same which we will discuss here.

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Why Do We Think the Skin Might be coming to Fortnite?

Lil Nas X Concert

The reasons for this are simple. A lot of leaks recently suggest the same. D3NNI has leaked relevant leaks before as for Fortnite as well. Some of the reasons we think are:

  • Lil Nas X’s most recent debut in Industry Baby. (We advise you to watch the video only if you wish to since it has censored content and you might not like it.)
  • Fortnite also has a Creative Map for Lil Nas X Concert (Roblox, Map Code-7246-8703-2265). You can visit it yourself in the game to know more about it.
  • A lot of Fortnite songs have leaked in the form of animations from different content creators on youtube. You can find them out yourself whilst searching for Panini, Old Town Road, Rodeo, and a lot more edits from xDogged.

However, this doesn’t confirm the leak. We will keep you updated on further Fortnite latest news, leaks, challenges, events, and everything you’ll need to know. So make sure to keep following us for more quality content in Fortnite.

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