Soar the Summer Sky in Fortnite with Summer Skye!

Know everything about the Summer Skye skin in Fortnite from us here. More details on this month's crew pack and the skin details are here.

Summer Sky Fortnite
Summer Skye Fortnite Skin

Summer Sky Fortnite: And we’re back at the Fortnite Crew Pack. This time Fortnite is bringing a brand new skin that you’ll find the next month. Make sure you grab the Summer Skye skin in Fortnite from the August 2021, Crew Pack. Know all the details about the skin.

Soar through the Summer Sky with the Summer Skye Skin in Fortnite!

The Summer event is over but Fortnite will still be releasing the all-new Summer Skye Skin in Fortnite. However, this skin will be a part of the new August Crew Pack. So, you’ll have to buy the August Crew pack to get the skin.

When Fortnite released the Crew Pack they also mentioned that they would release rare and exclusive skins within the game. Although we can’t say whether Fortnite will be following the same for this skin.

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Details about Summer Skye Fortnite:

Summer Skye Fortnite

This skin will have a very incredible look to it. However, her beanie blocks her buns which isn’t quite good. Furthermore, this Fortnite Skin is an Epic Outfit. The chances that it will be released in the Fortnite Item Shop are low. Here’s how Fortnite presents the skin in-game:

If you look at the other variant of the skin you’ll also find the Stormy Skye. Interestingly, Skye was a previous outfit from Chapter 2 Season 2 from the Battle Pass in Fortnite. You’ll also find that she had 4 different variants as well.

This time Fortnite will again release the skin with 4 different variants. Nonetheless, Fortnite will be releasing the Stormy Skye with glowy red eyes and a deadly look. It is breath-taking skin that can help you out a lot. Even so, this is a new theme variant from Fortnite for summer sky.

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What Else Will be Coming with the Fortnite Crew Pack of August 2021?

Fortnite August Crew Pack 2021
Fortnite August Crew Pack 2021

Within the August 2021, Crew Pack, you’ll have a bunch of accessories including the Summer Skye Skin of Fortnite. The list of all you’ll get from the August Crew Pack for 2021 are below:

  • Cursed Eagle Shield (Epic Back bling-animated)
  • Epic Sword of Might (Rare Harvesting tool)
  • PSPSPSPS! Wrap (Uncommon)
  • Cattitude Wrap (Uncommon)
  • Afternoon Quest Loading Screen (Uncommon)

Find an explanation to all the descriptions written by Fortnite from this explanatory video:

Keep following us for more such content. So, we’ll also cover the Fortnite week 8 challenges with easy and fast guides that you can follow.

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