When was Fortnite Released?: Start of Battle Royale

Know A-Z about the release of Fortnite here. The release of Fortnite Battle Royale and how it came out from early access. Read until the end to know all important dates of the game.

when was fortnite battle royale released
Fortnite Battle Royale

When was Fortnite Released?: The release of Fortnite was actually a long process than most might believe. Learn more about the release date of Fortnite and when it was out right here. Do you know when the Fortnite Battle Royale was released? Or maybe when did Fortnite actually come out? Or when was it made? Don’t worry if you do not. This guide will make you aware of the actual release dates of Fortnite and its history!

When was Fortnite Released?

Before going into the release dates of all the versions of Fortnite we would like to discuss the history of Fortnite a bit. Throwing some light on these facts can help you to know some very important dates in Fortnite. So, we request you to be patient and read this piece carefully to not miss out on anything.

The release of Fortnite took about 4 years including the Alpha and Beta phases of the game. Fortnite started out as a free-to-play and still works the same way. You could sign up for the Alpha version of Fortnite in April 2014. However, the release of the game was in December.

The Alpha version consisting of two rounds, the second round coming out in April 2015. Even so, the Beta release was not far around the corner. The Beta version of Fortnite was in the Fall of 2015. After testing the game out and working on all of its bugs and glitches Fortnite finally decided to make the final release.

Although, Fortnite Early Access was available from July 21 (2017) in Mac, PS4, and Xbox-1 i.e you could pre-order the game by then. If you couldn’t you’d still have been able to get it on the 25th of July 2017.

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When was Fortnite Battle Royale released?

when was fortnite made
Fortnite Season 7

As we discussed earlier, you could pre-order Fortnite. However, it was not until September when the game actually became free.

The release of Fortnite Battle Royale was not immediate. In fact, Fortnite introduced the Battle Royale as free-to-play on 26th September 2017. And this is when Fortnite generally celebrates its birthday each year. Until August the early access to Fortnite was almost available on all platforms. This includes iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, NVIDIA Shield TV.

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So, When did Fortnite Come Out?

However, Sony disabled Fortnite cross-play from their platform (PS4). Meanwhile, Fortnite kept postponing the release of Save-the-World another free-to-play feature. Needless to say, now Fortnite was completely ready by minimizing the glitches and bugs of their gameplay.

And this makes Fortnite: Save the World exit the Early-access and make its official release on June 30, 2020. Although players might not be aware of the patch of 13.20 which was exactly due to the exit from Early Access of Fortnite.

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