TimTheTatman Fortnite Skin: Everything You Need To Know

TimTheTatman Fortnite Skin:
TimTheTatman Reacts To His Fortnite Skin

TimTheTatman Fortnite Skin: One of the favourite streamers from America Timothy John Betar also known as TimTheTatman has its own skin in Fortnite. Moreover, the skin was launched back in 2018 named Tomatohead under the Timatohead challenges in Fortnite. Most of the streamers along with Betar reacted to it and was so happy to get featured in the game.

So, here is everything you need to know about the skin and how to buy it.

TimTheTatman Fortnite Skin: Price, Item Shop, Arrival

TimTheTatman Fortnite Skin Timatohead challenges
The Skin Is Now Available in The Item Shop

Fortnite is famous to launch new skins in the game for players. Furthermore, they have an insane number of collaborations with streamers, brands and TV shows like DC and Marvel. Also, they have introduced skins of athletes like Lebron James in the game.

TimTheTatman is a very famous Fortnite streamer who streams on Twitch. Furthermore, in season 3 of Fortnite the game released a skin that was said that he featured in it. Moreover, it was the first time in Fortnite that they launched a skin based on a streamer. Later on, the introduced skins of famous streamer Ninja.

The skin of Titthetatman in Fortnite was an epic skin with a look of tomatohead. Furthermore, the skin looked cool and many players went to buy it. Also, there were options to unlock it by completing the timatohead challenges in Fortnite.

When is Skin Coming Back

The skin was launched back in 2018 and it was last seen in 2019. Moreover, the character model of the skin was Mannequin and it cost 1500 V Bucks to purchase the skin. The skin is an epic skin that came in the set of pizza set.

The skin is now available in the item shop and players can buy it by spending the V Bucks. Moreover, the timthetatman Fortnite skin is cool and players love to spend V Bucks on their favorite streamers’ outfits.

The streamer has more than 6 million followers on Twitch. In the early days, he used to stream and broadcast matches of CS Go and COD.

Twitch Link

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