How To Fix BGMI Maps Not Downloading? | Complete Guide

Players across India are facing the maps not downloading error in BGMI. You might have also faced the 0.1 MB download error. To fix all these we have a stepwise guide here that you can follow.

Krafton - BGMI
Krafton – BGMI

BGMI Maps not Downloading: Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access has started a few days ago and the players recently faced a major issue. From yesterday, the players are unable to download any map. Although in BGMI it shows 0.1 MB, players are unable to download it due to an unknown error. The players who had installed all the maps are also unable to download maps in BGMI.

The official Krafton further released a guide to fix this issue on their official website. The guide is 100% working and it does not harm your device. This will take only 5 minutes to fix the issue. Read this article till the end to know the guide step by step.

Why BGMI Maps are not Downloading?

BGMI 0.1 MB Download error
0.1 MB Download error

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access is currently under testing. It is just a beta version so you may face some issues like this. But, Krafton is trying hard to release solutions a very few times. When the game will be released officially on the play store, you might not get to see such bugs.

If you are having other issues in BGMI you can also read about them here.

Guide to Fix BGMI Maps Not Downloading Issue

BGMI Maps Not Downloading Issue
Fixed unable to download maps issue in BGMI
  • First of all, open your game and head to the home screen.
  • Now, in the bottom right corner, you will see an arrow.
  • Click on that and you will see various options popping out.
  • Now, click on the Settings menu.
  • On the bottom left corner in settings, you will see a log-out button.
  • Log out of your account.
  • Now, you will see a login screen.
  • You will see a repair option on the right side of your login screen.
  • Go to the repair section.
  • Now, in the repair section, and select Routine Repair.
  • Now, click on ok.
  • It will download a patch that is not huge in size.
  • It will ask you to restart your game. Restart and log in once again with the same social media account.

However, the players who had already downloaded the map will not require to download it. And others will have to download whole maps. Finally, your game will run as it is now and you can enjoy the same action once again. This should completely resolve the BGMI Maps not Downloading issue.

If you are still unable to download maps in BGMI try contacting Krafton or BGMI themselves. However, after following this guide for BGMI you should not see the 0.1 MB Download Error.

You can also read the official guide of BGMI here.

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