Issues with Downloading Maps in BGMI

The article is about the issues with Downloading Maps and Matchmaking in BGMI. Read the Full story to know in detail.

Issues with Downloading Maps in BGMI
Issues with Match making in BGMI

Issues with Downloading Maps and Matchmaking in BGMI: Battleground Mobile India is one of the most trending games in the country. Recently the mobile game has released its versions for beta users. But, The users are facing issues with Downloading Maps and Matchmaking in the game. So, today we will discuss that.

All About BGMI :

Battleground Mobile India commonly known as BGMI is a battle royal mobile online game. The users can play it also on PC. Most of the players use Smartphones. The mobile game has made a comeback previously known as PUBG.

What are the Issues with Downloading Maps & Matchmaking in BGMI:

Recently the users are facing issues in BGMI. Let’s get into the issues.

Issues with Downloading Maps in BGMI:

Some users were complaining about the maps of the BGMI. The users couldn’t download it. They were facing some issues. Thereafter BGMI officially announced the issues. They clarified the issues on their social handles. They have responded.

Issues with Matchmaking in BGMI :

Some users also questioned the matchmaking issues. They found the problem in matchmaking. Players experienced a huge delay. They are also unable to use any additional resources.

BGMI: Battleground Mobile India’s Official Response :

After all these issues, BGMI officially responded. They didn’t clarify the reasons. They told that they had found an issue. Users couldn’t download or matchmake additional resources except for Erangle & Arcade mode. They are currently trying to determine the cause of the problem. When they resolve the problem, They will announce it further. BGMI also apologized for these inconveniences.

Issues with Downloading & Matchmaking in BGMI
Issues with Downloading & Matchmaking in BGMI

What should the Players Do?

However, players can enjoy the other activities. Krafton came with BGMI. So, there will be some issues initially. Users are accustomed to bigger issues with PUBG previously. So, they have patience.

These issues haven’t hit on the reputation of the game. Users were waiting for it for many days. In the initial days, the journey will not be smooth. According to the reports, the game will be one of the top games in the country.

So, Wait for the Official announcement. Enjoy BGMI. Battleground Mobile India issues will be resolved soon.

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