Fortnite Item Shop June 18 2021 | Featured by PIZ0

The Fortnite Item Shop for June 18, 2021 is featured by a ton of different skins from the chapter 1 & 2. The featured and daily items for the day are created by PIZ0. Know more about today's item shop here.

Fortnite Item Shop June 18, 2021: Season 7 in Fortnite brings with it lots of hype and new Skins, Characters, Features, Locations, and Accessories. The Item Shop is now something that you look out for nearly every day. In the Fortnite Item Shop these days there are a few thrilling Outfits to see for on June 18, 2021.

While there may be simply one latest outfit there is a few different clothing that we are able to see from manner lower back from Chapter 1 & Chapter 2. Today’s theme is inclined more towards the creator PIZ0. So, without similar ado let’s dive into the Fortnite Item Shop for today.

Featured Items on Fortnite Item Shop June 18, 2021

Featured Items on Fortnite Item Shop June 18 2021
Featured Items on Fortnite Item Shop June 18, 2021

All the skins and emotes from the featured items are from the creator PIZ0. An amazing YouTuber and content creator. The featured items withhold Dark Bomber(Dark Skin), Dark Glyph(Dark Glider) and, Thunder Crash(Dark Pick-ax). Last Forever, My World, Rollie, and Wake Up are the four icon series emotes featured for the day.

Check out everything about the Fishin’ emote in Fortnite here.

You can also watch the video below to know more of items in the Fortnite item Shop of today:

Besides this, the Batman Bundle, Harley Quinn Bundle, Flash Bundle and, Catwoman Bundle are still in the shop. These have been in the Item Shop for a long time now.

The Infinity(Epic) and Vix(Epic) Skins were added back from Chapter 1 Season 10 and Chapter 2 Season 2 respectively. The Infinity Outfit is a really spellbinding Skin. Not only the outfit but the back bling Starfield(Epic) that comes with him as well. The harvesting tool for him is the Star Strike(Rare pick-ax). Vix is also back with her Whisker Pack(Epic) back bling and Purr Axe(Rare pick-ax) in the Fortnite Item Shop of June 18, 2021.

Outfits from Fortnite Item Shop today
Infinty and Vix Outfifts from today

The Eternal Zero(Rare) wrap is another fascinating Skin Wrap. It can go with almost any weapon and would still look amazing. For the Icon Series, we still have the new Marco Reus and Harry Kane Skins available. You can also take a look at yesterday’s Fortnite item shop here.

Daily Items for Fortnite Item Shop Today


Daily Items
Daily Items in Fortnite Item Shop today

Sanctum(Epic) and Instinct(Uncommon) both from PIZ0 are brought back from Chapter 1 Season 6 and Season 8 respectively. Apart from this, the Bizzy(Uncommon) Skin wrap is available again. Electro Shuffle(Epic), Double up(Rare) and, Sackin'(Uncommon) are the daily emotes of Fortnite Item Shop June 18, 2021.

Overall, we’d like to comment that today’s daily as well as featured items are all designed by PIZ0. You can also support him by entering his creator code in your Item Shop before purchasing any skins. Regardless, the skins are pretty dope especially the Infinity and Vix outfits. The Back Bling of the day has to be the Star Field.

You can also know more about the Unreleased Items in Fortnite from Epic Games here.


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