How to Accept License Agreement in Rocket League

Having trouble accepting the terms and conditions of Rocket League? Don't know how to get on the page? Read this article to get brief detail.

How to Accept License Agreement on Rocket League
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Before Playing Rocket League Online, players must have agreed to the agreement and accept the license. This agreement usually appears before starting of the game and also reappear when the license is adjusted. Players mistakenly click on the past license agreement or an error to prevent the notifications from appearing.

If you do not accept the agreement license then you can not play the Rocket League and also understanding how to find a license is also confusing. There are two simple methods available in the rocket league that should get you back into the game.

The license usually appears before starting the game when players log in to the rocket league and restarting the game will show the message again. This is the most common issue facing by the players and leaves the rocket league open for some time. Restarting the game will automatically fix the problem.

Some Players waiting for the agreement to come on screen before entering the main menu in-game but there is no surety of it. If you still not find the agreement then you can go to the Legal Agreement Section in the main menu. Players should open the Rocket League and click on the extra section in the menu, and select the legal agreement.

Players will find EULA, Terms of Service, and privacy in the section and then open each agreement select okay to accept each agreement. This will resolve every issue regarding the License Agreement. And also allow players to participate in the Rocket League.

The license is automatically adjusted and players have to agree on each update of the game. To find the legal agreement license you should restart the game.

How do I Get a Message About The License Agreement in Rocket League?

First, you must accept the EULA(End User License Agreement), Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. If the terms change then you will be promoted to the login page to see the license agreement. If you till not see the message regarding the agreement then you will see a warning regarding this. You will also not able to play the online game.  The basic steps to Accept the Legal License Agreement.

How to Accept License Agreement on Rocket League
Terms of Service

1st Step: Launch The Rocket League game.

2nd Step: Click on the setting from the main menu.

3rd Step: Select the Extra tab from the menu.

4th Step: Click on the Legal Agreements.

5th Step: Select and read the EULA.

6th Step: Select the OK button to accept.

7th Step: Read the terms of service.

8th Step: Select the OK button to accept.

9th Step: Select and read the Policy Privacy.

10th Step: Click on the OK button to accept.

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