Sentinels Won VCT Masters Valorant: Final Score, Match Result

The Sentinals are the first Champion of the VCT Masters Valorant. Have a look at these crazy stats and the score they set in the tournament.

Sentinels Wins VCT Masters Valorant
Team Sentinels Wins

North American side Sentinels won the first VCT Masters Valorant tournament played in Iceland. Moreover, they defeated the European representatives Fnatic in the final to lift up the trophy. Additionally, they played the whole tournament in dominant nature and never lost a game.

How Sentinels Won VCT Masters?

VCT Masters Valorant: Final Score vs Fnatic
Sentinels After Victory

The final was played between Fnatic and Sentinels also known as SEN, where the North American side thrashed them 3-0 and remained undefeated throughout the tournament. Moreover, the winning prize of the tournament was $600,000 which is equivalent to around Rs. 4 crores.

Earlier, Fnatic and SEN faced each other in the upper quarterfinals and the NA side successfully got a victory of 2-0. Additionally, they defeated Team Vikings and Nuturn to reach the Grand Finals. In the final, Sentinels won theΒ  VCT Masters and became the first champion of the tournament.

On the other hand, after losing to SEN, Fnatic was sent to the lower bracket where they managed to grab 4 victories against 4 teams to reach the Grand Final.

VCT Results: Sentinels vs Fnatic


The final was a best of five matches and the first one was played on Split. Moreover, the North American representatives made a bright start and the game came to halt due to technical issues. At the restart, Fantic made a comeback and managed to take the game into extra time. In the end, it was Sentinels won the VCT Masters Valorant tournament and became invincible champions.

Score- Sentinels Won 14-12

Top Fragger SEN- Tenz( 24 kills with Raze)

Top Fragger Fnatic- MAGNUM (24 kills with Cypher)

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Match 2 BIND

Game number two was played on Bind where Fnatic dominated the first half over Sentinels. Furthermore, the NA side made a comeback and took the game to extra time.

Moreover, SEN never went to extra time in the tournament and were forced two times in one match by Fantic. In the end, the North American side made a successful comeback and tasted the victory.

Score- Sentinels Won 16-14

Top Fragger SEN- Tenz( 33 kills with Reyna)

Top Fragger Fnatic- MAGNUM (23 kills with Brimstone)

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Match 3 Haven

This is the strongest map of the NA side and they started brilliantly. However, after switching sides, Fnatic tried to make a comeback but the efforts were not enough to get a victory.

Score- Sentinels Won 13-11

Top Fragger SEN- Tenz( 22 kills with Jett)

Top Fragger Fnatic- MAGNUM (24 kills with Killjoy)

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Moreover, this was the first LAN event of Valorant and the champions remained undefeated. The North American side completely dominated the game over the European representatives. However, it can be said it was an off day for Fantic’s main man Derke.

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