GTA V: Why Gamers are Still Obsessed with the GTA V?

GTA V is one of the most popular games developed by the Rockstar Games

The sensation of its times, a must-have on the desktop and consoles of all gaming enthusiasts, Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games still continues to enjoy a special place in the heart of the gaming community. First released back in 2013, GTA V is all set for a next-gen re-release on the new generation upcoming Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. This will make GTA V perhaps the only game ever to be a part of three successive generations of consoles.

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In a gaming period that has seen a surge in new games releasing every day and the battle royale gamings taking over the market, something like GTA V released back in 2013 still enjoys a considerable share in the market with many people still buying it even after 7 years of its initial release.

As much as 135 million copies of the game have been sold so far with earnings over $6 billion, making it the most profitable media item of all time, surpassing even the most profitable movies by a great extent. But what makes people still love this game to such a great extent?

The answer to it is not a single reason but a number of things inside the game that assembled together do the job. The wonderful single-player experience which puts the player in the shoes of a trio of criminals with some daring challenges to compete is quite fascinating in itself.

The virtual city of “San Andreas” with little details hidden inside it provides the user with not only a reason but an urge to explore the virtual map more and more. Another reason is the various movie and media references inside the game like the two women that can be seen careening off a cliff in a convertible at Raton Canyon if you visit at 7 PM are added on the basis of the 1991 movie Therma and Louise.

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The compelling setting of the game and other little factors along was always admired by the users but with the inclusion of an online platform GTA V the game saw a great rise. The GTA online initially faced some setbacks but in an era dominated by multiplayer experience, Rockstar Games was able to deliver to the expectations of its users by gradually developing a better and interactive multiplayer platform for GTA.

Los Santos with its own new elements, regular updates, improved missions, and new vehicles it had all. But the latest additions like the all-out alien war where players can form their own groups and armies to take on each other across the city along with new tools to create their own virtual culture and history were greatly liked.

Another series of smart updates included the chances of running their own nightclubs for the players, the ability to form biker gangs, build communities where players could go around and spend time chilling through the virtual city with their friends.

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GTA evolved from being a virtual platform that was all about missions and the storyline of the game to a virtual world where users could live life through their characters inside the game. Owning places, driving cars, or hanging out with friends were some of the many real-life experiences that the users were able to live inside the game.

A vehicle in GTA V

The formation of communities inside the game is a very interesting aspect of it. Some users have developed their in-game theaters where they often perform various soap-opera and many storylines. Another community has developed themselves as the virtual policemen inside the game performing their cop duties like arresting drug offenders and taking matters of traffic rules violations in their hands.

A virtual stunt enthusiast community inside the game could be seen practicing stunts like driving off the ramps or skydiving from Mount Chiliad for hours.

The independence provided by Rockstar Games to the users inside the editor mode which allows them to direct the time, climate and even create films with an in-game cast called “Machinima” is another intelligent move by the developers. It lets the users have an experience of controlling the game they play themselves.

Those willing to go deeper can be a part of “modders”, a community that can edit the software to update graphics and create additional features inside the game. A famous mod allows the player to run around the city as a deer.

The success story of GTA V is an example of how the gaming world is evolving and adapting to the expectations of the users. The games are no longer a limited experience but are turning into virtual platforms, improved and updated over time within which a user lives its virtual life.

This allows a game to continue over a period of time without losing its relevance as it always has a scope of some new additions over time. In the case of GTA V also, the virtual city of San Andreas is no longer just a map for the users but a home to their virtual life which is greatly adored by them.

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