Top 5 Free Fire Players 2020: New Rankings

Top 5 Free Fire Players 2020
Top 5 Free Fire Players 2020

On the mobile platform, Free Fire has managed to succeed in the battle royale genre. The updated rankings – top 5 Free Fire Players 2020 is out for the most downloaded game of the year 2020. The Free Fire has also achieved the unbelievable feat of 100 billion views on YouTube. Just like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is also gaining popularity for its freestyle and gameplay.

Many brilliant players have proved their spirit in Free Fire tournaments organized at national and international levels. Many players have become popular with their regular posts of videos where people watch their tons of streams on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

The community is always thrilled to know the top 5 Free Fire players 2020. As everyone is the best in some way or the other in their skills. Here’s the complete list elaborated below.

Top 5 Free Fire Players 2020: Complete List

Top 5 Free Fire Players 2020: Complete List
  1. Pahadi

Lokesh โ€œPahadiโ€ Karakoti has been one of the great performers of CRX or CriticalX Elite, one of the most superior teams during Free Fire India Championship 2020. He had 76 frags to his name and 18 kills ahead of the next player when he held charge of the fragging department of his team during FFIC. He has a total of 686k subscribers on YouTube. He has completed 18686 squad matches.

Pahadi’s Free Fire ID – 147098967

  1. Mafiabala

Heet Vora is a sniper for Total Gaming Esports. His sniping skills, specifically his 2vs1 clutch, was one of the most exemplary moments of FFIC. His performance in FFIC can not be underrated. He secured the second position on the list of top fraggers.

Mafiabala Free Fire ID – 435185076

  1. VasiyoCRJ

Vatsal โ€œVasiyoCRJโ€ Garasia, one of the most experienced players in the Indian Free Fire circuit. He also represented โ€œThe Mafiaโ€ which was one of the Free Fire Brawler Bash and managed a third-place finish at Free Fire Asia All-Stars. He secured 13 kills in the tournament’s grand finals.

VasiyoCRJ Free Fire ID – 286337576

  1. TSG Jash

TSG Jash with his incredible skills has represented India on many international platforms and comes from TSG Army. He is the leader of guild Two-Side Gamers and comes in the top 1% of players in Garena Free Fire. With his incredible skills, he earned a heroic tier with a magnificent score of 3354. He along with his friend, TSG Ritik, owns a YouTube channel named Two Side Gamers and they have over 6.1 Million Subscribers.

TSG Jash Free Fire ID – 123643969

  1. Sudip Sarkar

This guy doesnโ€™t need an introduction. He is one of the best Free Fire players in India and owns a YouTube channel having over 2 lakh subscribers. He is popular for his headshot and kills percentage. He is good at taking hot-drop close combats and has managed to get into the top 22% in the world.

Sudip Sarkar Free Fire ID – 97653930

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