Free Fire Chrono Surfboard: Here’s How You Can Get it

Free Fire Chrono Surfboard: Demonstration

Free Fire has launched a new season operation Chrono which is basically a spin wheel event known as ‘faded wheel’. And with the help of this faded wheel event, a player can get cyber bounty, a Hunter bundle, and a Free Fire Chrono Surfboard skin.

This operation Chrono is approaching its peak day on 19th December. This is a month-long event introducing Cristiano Ronaldo and the event is in full swing. The Free Fire Chrono event features several missions and rewards one of the most important mission is to collect green power cube tokens. By collecting these tokens a player can get a Free Fire Chrono surfboard.

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Free Fire Chrono Surfboard: How to Collect it?

Free Fire Chrono Surfboard

The process to get Free Fire Chrono Surfboard is simple as it sounds. There are a few steps players need to address before getting Free Fire Chrono Surfboard. To cut it simple, the Free Fire Chrono Surfboard can be obtained with a simple two-step process.

Step 1: First, a player has to collect green power cube tokens through the dead boxes and loot boxes from an enemy that has been killed, and after collecting 20 such tokens one can get a Free Fire Chrono surfboard.

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Step 2: And the other way of getting a Free Fire Chrono surfboard is by using a faded wheel which is basically a luck-based event where a person needs to spin continuously until they won it.

About Free Fire Chrono Character

Free Fire Chrono Character

Chrono is the newest character added to the pool of characters of Free Fire. Chrono’s character in Free Fire is considered to be one best character of the Free Fire to date. The power of Chrono characters in Free Fire is less than those of the characters like DJ Alok and Captain Booyah (K) but it does possess a special kind of kit that will provide the players chance to play the game more cleverly than other players.

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