FAUG: Release Date in India Confirmed by NCore Games

FAUG Released date in India

Ever since the announcement of the FAUG release date in India, the fans have been eagerly waiting for its FAUG release date in India, and guess What!! We might have good news for you. NCore Games has released the first teaser of the FAUG release date in India on the eve of Dussehra.

But, the teaser had much more than what it just looked at a glance. The developers may have hinted at the FAUG release date in India. First, let’s take a look at the announced teaser of FAUG release date in India:

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β€œGood always triumphs over evil, the light will conquer the darkness. May victory bless our Fearless And United Guards, Our FAU-G.

Launching in November 2020!”

The way, the caption is constructed with those phrases, the only thing that pops in the mind after watching it is β€˜Diwali’. Yes, the Devs may have the festival in their mind to make their game available. Diwali is known to be the festival which celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravan and eradicate the darkness with lightness. Keeping this in mind, we can expect the FAUG release date in India to go live on the occasion of Diwali (which is the 14th of November this year).

FAUG release date in India: What the Teaser reveals about the Game

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The One-minute teaser starts with the military surroundings in the Galwan Valley. As per the official statement, the FAUG release date in India is November 2020. The Indian soldiers seem to be on their duty as some other troops approach and the brawl breaks among them (without any firearms, as they clash in the valley is said to be without firearms too). The teaser of the FAUG release date in India ends with the Indian army slaying the opponents as they protect their country by hosting the Tiranga.

The teaser seems to be the clash between the Indian army and the Chinese in the Galwan Valley which took place earlier this year.

As the FAUG release date in India has been quoted The players will learn about the sacrifice of the soldiers, so the game is said to have a story mode in it which would include the Galwan incident too.

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FAUG release date in India: Things we know about FAUG till now

FAUG release date

Fearless and United Guards more commonly introduced as FAUG release date in India is an upcoming Multiplayer online action game from Indian studio core Games scheduled to release in November 2020.

Just 2 days after the PUBG Mobile ban, the game FAUG release date in India was announced and promoted by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar in support of the Aatmanirbhar movement started by the Prime Minister of India, which started speculations of the game being an alternative to PUBG Mobile. But, Vishal Gondal, a major investor, and adviser of the company clarified about the game is a multiplayer online game and not battle royale.

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The game will be released for both Android and iOS though it is yet to be revealed that will it arrive for free or will cost price as 20% donation to the Indian Army’s Bharat Ke Veer had already been announced earlier.

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