FAU-G TDM Mode: Announed via Teaser, Beta Version Release Date and Other Details

FAU-G's new Team deathmatch Mode was announced by the socials of nCore games via the form of a teaser video. Read this article to know more about the Beta version release date and other details.


FAU-G TDM mode was announced via the socials of nCore games, in the form of a teaser video. Read this article to know more about the Beta version release date and other details for FAUG TDM.

Earlier today, nCore games ā€“ developer of FAUG (Fearless and United Guards), had finally announced the teaser of the much-awaited Team Deathmatch Mode through their socials.

FAUG is one of the most popular games in India. Since its announcement, it has created much hype among the players.

FAUG was launched back on 26th January during the occasion of the Indian Republic Day. The game had already created a level of hype and excitement amongst the whole Indian Gaming Community even before its launch.

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However, players were not satisfied and were left disappointed upon the first glimpse of the game. FAUG had featured a campaign mode with its initial release.

However, it had based on the storylines of the Galwan Valley. This Campaign mode featured only melee weapons and no artilleries in the Galwan Valley themed mode.

Further, the multiplayer team deathmatch and free for all modes had termed as coming soon. Moreover, an early teaser claiming the FAUG TDM mode had already released back in February.

Consequently, the officials have announced the Team Death Match mode announcement teaser earlier today through social media.

Here are the details about the FAU-G TDM Mode

FAU-G TDM Mode Announced
FAU-G TDM Mode Announced

Certainly, the cinematic teaser of the FAUG TDM mode featuring various artilleries. In addition, many weapons were teased by the officials.

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The announcement stated, ā€œThe choice between good and evil is within us! On this auspicious day of Ram Navmi, we present you with the cinematic teaser of FAU-Gā€™S TDM mode!Ā  Which side are you on? Beta release ā€“ June 21.ā€

With this, the beta version of the FAU-G TDM Mode has been scheduled for June 21. Moreover, the first glimpse teaser of the FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode teases various weapons, which will be available in the upcoming update.


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