Pokemon Go: How to Get XL Candy in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go: Best Ways to Get XL Candy in Pokemon Go

XL Candy is one of the rarest or extremely rare items in the Pokemon Go game. Candies are so rare that there is no easy way to obtain them in the game. If you are facing the same problem as other Pokemon Go players then you are at the right place. Because in this post you will read about ways to obtain XL Candies in Pokemon Go. 

Furthermore, before getting into this post you should know that there is no direct or 100% sure way to obtain XL Candy. But there are some tricks you should know to increase the chances of obtaining XL Candy in the game. Well, if you don’t know then the sustainability week event is live in the Pokemon Go game. 

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What are the Best Ways to Get XL Candy in Pokemon Go?

Take participation in this event and increase your XL Candy chances by 250% for only this week. The reason behind this tip you will read later in this blog but if you are short on time then read our guide. Along with XL Candy players will also get new Alola region pokemon and in-game items. 

Spring into Spring is running in the game which allows players to get many rewards for free. Yes, thousands of XP and stardust without doing anything special or extra. Everything in the event will help players to obtain XL Candies and other exclusive items. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get these XL Candies in Pokemon Go then keep reading this blog post. 

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Tips to Obtain XL Candy in Pokemon Go

The first thing you must know before collecting XL candy is players need to level 40 or above to collect these candies. The second important thing is the power of XL Candy, it can help you increase your pokemon level to 50. 

Catching Pokemons

Yes, the best, easiest, and most common way to obtain XL Candy in Pokemon Go is by catching pokemon. Whenever you catch pokemon there is a chance that you will get some amount of XL candy. The trick in this is to catch stage 1 and stage 2 pokemon as much as you can. In the first two-stage pokemon give you the most amount of XL Candies and have more chances than other stages. 

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Legendary and Mythical

Another great way to XL Candy is to get your hands on every Legendary and Mythical pokemon you can. To do that you need to participate more in 5-star raids because that is the only way to catch pokemon. 

Exchange for Normal Candies

This is the method that we want to avoid if you want to play a healthy Pokemon Go. Well, the last but not recommended method is to exchange normal candies for XL candies. The worst thing about this method is you need to give 100 normal candies for only 1 XL candy. 

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