Which Is The Best Bolt Action Rifle In BGMI? Check Details

Follow up on this article to know Which Is The Best Bolt Action Rifle In BGMI!

Bolt Action Rifle In BGMI
Which Is The Best Bolt Action Rifle In BGMI

Which Is The Best Bolt Action Rifle In BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India which is an alternative of the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile offers a variety of weapons diversified into certain categories.

These categories include ARs, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, and more. Among them, the sniper rifles are also classified into two categories naming Bolt Action and DMR.

As a result, head on to this article to know which is the best Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI to penetrate the head of the enemies!

Battlegrounds Mobile India is already receiving an immense support and the players are apparently enjoying it. Moreover, the developers are also continuously working and adding new features and events to the game regularly.

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These additions keep the players engaged and increase the hype towards the game. Meanwhile, as we know BGMI or PUBG Mobile, offers a couple of weapons, armaments, tactics and more combat equipment to the players.

And these weapons are classified into various categories such as ARs, SMGs, Shotguns, LMGs, Sniper rifles. These sniper rifles are further again divided into two certain categories concluding the Bolt Action Rifles and DMRs.

Consequently, here are the details regarding the best bolt action rifle in BGMI.

Which Is The Best Bolt Action Rifle In BGMI:

There are a couple of Bolt Action rifles in BGMI or PUBG Mobile in total, but all of them penetrate various damage to the enemies. Therefore, here are the details.

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#1 AWM – Arctic Warfare Magnum

AWM is undoubtedly the best bolt action rifles in BGMI or PUBG Mobile that penetrates the highest damage nearly around 100 damage in one shot. This sniper rifle is very rare to find as players can only get it through the airdrops or flare drops.

#2 M24

M24 also penetrates moderate damage and has a long range capability to shoot and players can get it in the ongoing match by random loots. However it has a less spawn rate so it is quite difficult to find it,

#3 Kar98k

Kar98K is one of the most basic bolt action rifles and has a better spawn rate, so players can find it easily in the game.

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Other than these, Win984 and Mosin Nagant are also the Bolt action rifles available on the fields of BGMI. However, the mentioned three rifles are way better than them.

Therefore, that’s all about the best bolt action rifle in BGMI!

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