What is the Jewel Exchange Centre in BGMI and how does it work?

The Jewel Exchange Centre in BGMI is a brand new event and here are all the details about it.

Jewel Exchange Centre
Jewel Exchange Centre (image via. BGMI)

BGMI has finally released on Indian servers and players are super excited about. Along with this KRAFTON has already revealed many new in-game and live events to keep the players excited. Here is all you need to know about the new Jewel Exchange Centre in BGMI.

There are several events running in BGMI, like the comeback rewards and also the new Royal Pass. Similar to these events, players can get several cosmetics like costumes, gun skins, and more from this event. The Jewel Exchange is a brand new event for BGMI fans  and was released on 30th May, 2023. The event is live in the game currently and you can exchange a special currency for cosmetics and emotes.

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Jewel Exchange Centre in BGMI: All rewards

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The event started with the grand release of BGMI and will run in the game till 28th June 2023. Players can get a special currency called the Phantom Jewel in order to redeem the rewards in this event.

The rewards in this event are as follows:

  • Spectral Swan Cover: 3 Phantom Jewels
  • Spectral Swan Set: 6 Phantom Jewels
  • Cosmic Inquisitor Cover: 3 Phantom Jewels
  • Cosmic Inquisitor Set: 6 Phantom Jewels
  • Cosmic Inquisitor-M416: 4 Phantom Jewels
  • Luminous Galaxy-Scar L: 4 Phantom Jewels
  • Luminous Galaxy Backpack: 2 Phantom Jewels
  • Nebula Trail Helmet: 2 Phantom Jewels
  • Endless Glory Parachute: 2 Phantom Jewels
  • Spectral Swan Emote: 1 Phantom Jewel
  • Cosmic Inquisitor Emote: 1 Phantom Jewel
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You can obtain Phantom Jewels from opening the new Galaxy Crates in the game. However, these are not free and players need to spend UC in order to open these crates. Each crate costs 60 UC and ten openings will cost 540 UC. Once you have collected the Phantom Jewels, you can unlock the rewards.

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