What are the Best Weapons in Krunker.io?

Here is a list of the best weapons in Krunker.io and their strengths and weaknesses.

Best Weapons in Krunker
Krunker (image via. gamepretty.com)

Krunker.io is a 3D browser FPS that has made a lot of fans worldwide. It combines both fun and serious skills to make a great shooter that will make you invested. For players looking forward to know the best weapons to use in Krunker.io we bring you this short list where we list the top 5.

Krunker.io has a total of 33 different weapons in the game, with the possibility of more weapons with later updates. The weapons are diverse and includes 16 primary weapons, 10 secondary weapons, 2 melee weapons, and 5 killstreak weapons. Players can carry from than one weapon, and use the mouse scroll to switch between them. Here are the best that you can use.

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5 Best Weapons in Krunker.io

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The single best weapon in the game is the SMG due to its full-automatic medium range fire. It does decent damage per bullet, and the fast fire rate helps high damage in medium range, but at the cost of low damage at longer range. In Krunker.io this gun is famed for being a easy to use and very effective weapon in order to take down your foe.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifles are the highest damage weapon in the game, and can one-shot any class other than the Spray N Pray. If you practice long enough the Sniper guarantees a tactical advantage over other players because you can take down players from very far away. Players who specialize in aiming might want to take on the sniper.

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Semi Auto

The Semi Auto Rifle has high damage in medium and long range, high rate of fire, and very high base damage. You only get 8 ammo, but skilled players can use this to do a ton of damage like the sniper but also provide high rate of fire. This is a fan favorite in Krunker.io and one of the best weapons to master.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is a classic gun which provides high damage in mid to high range. It has a bigger mag size than the Semi Auto and also has very less recoil, making it perfect for a beginner. This weapon is loved by both pros and the casual player and is a perfect weapon for beginners to use.

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The FAMAS boasts a high fire rate along with medium to long range damage. It shoots in a burst of 3s, but the high base damage can instantly kill someone if aimed properly. However, this weapon requires you to master its quirks in order to properly use it.

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