Can Velocity Gaming Qualify For Knockout Stage In Valorant APAC?

Velocity Gaming APAC

Velocity Gaming, formed in 2017, started its journey with the famous PC Game CS: GO and Rainbow Six Seige. After a successful start, they announced their entry into Mobile Gaming with PUBG Mobile (now Battleground Mobile India). Velocity Gaming was registered as an Indian Esports team in 2019 by the Indian businessman Manoj “SENTINEL” Kashyap. VLT was one of the top teams in PUBG Mobile and now is at the top in the Valorant eSports scenario.
Velocity Gaming is one of the biggest reasons for the growth of the eSports scenario in India. The investment they provided toward eSports, giving recognition to the underdog skilled players, organizing scrims and tournaments to help the teams get recognized. Can Velocity Gaming qualify for Knockout Stage in Valorant APAC?

Velocity Gaming qualified for Valorant APAC by defeating Global Esports in the finals of Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022. VLT won the series 2-1 in a closely competed series against Global Esports. The toxicity in the chats is seen to be increasing a lot because of the bad performance in the games.

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How Has The Journey Been So Far For VLT In APAC?

Group D flowchart

Velocity Gaming started their journey with a massive win against Oblivion Force winning the series 2-0. Velocity Gaming was dominant throughout the game and showed the world they deserved to qualify for the tournament representing India. Global Esports who stood second on the VCC had a chance to qualify for the Valorant APAC but they lost the play-ins and couldn’t make it to the group stage.

Velocity Gaming played their second match on 20th March 2022 against Full Sense from Thailand. The winner of this match would directly qualify for the Knockout stage of the tournament. Before this match, Full Sense was at the top of the table with +9 points and Velocity Gaming was second with +6 points. Indian fans wished that Velocity Gaming defeated Full Sense and qualified for the Knockouts but Full Sense had other plans, they defeated Velocity Gaming in 2 straight maps winning the first map with a close margin of 14-12 and dominating the second map 13-3. Velocity Gaming fans were scattered because of this defeat and are in a shock with their favorite teams’ performance on the second map.

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Does Velocity Gaming Still Have A Chance To Qualify?

VLT lower bracket

After a heavy defeat against Full Sense, Velocity Gaming has dropped down one position to third with -6 points. As per the format, only the top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the knockout stage. Full Sense has qualified for the knockout stage defeating Velocity Gaming and now has put questions into Velocity Gaming’s qualifications.
Velocity Gaming still has 1 chance to qualify for the knockout stage. Velocity Gaming will be playing against South Built Esports from the Philippines in the Decider Match.

If Velocity Gaming defeats South Built Esports then they will be winning a slot into the Knockout stage of Valorant APAC Stage 1. Velocity Gaming fans will be wishing their team to perform well and defeat South Built Esports. South Built Esports on the other hand is having a rough journey in this tournament with a loss and a win. Velocity Gaming has higher chances to qualify for the tournament according to the stats.
The match is scheduled to be played on 21st March 2022 at 1:30 pm.

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