100T, EG, Ghost, And Sentinels Fill Out The VCT NA Stage 2 Group Stage

VCT NA Stage 2 Qualified Teams

The second and final open qualifier for VCT NA: Stage 2 took place over the weekend. 100 ThievesEvil GeniusesGhost Gaming, and Sentinels clinched the final four spots in the group stage. The first team to qualify was a familiar face with a new look. 100T rebuilt their roster after a disappointing Stage 1, but they failed to make it through the first qualifier due to two close losses to TSM. Their performance was enough to get them a bye to the round of 32 in this qualifier, and they only needed three wins over Team ReckarooSoniqs, and NYFU to reach the qualification match.

The last obstacle in the way of their redemption was an Akrew squad looking to continue their underdog story after knocking Sentinels to the lower bracket. 100T took the early lead and never looked back. They waltzed to the group stage with a 13-7 victory on Split followed by a 13-1 rout on Breeze. Asuna led the way with a monstrous 44 kills to only 16 deaths.

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NA Looks Strong Going Into VCT!

VCT NA Qualified Teams
VCT NA Qualified Teams

Another Stage 1 contestant looking for success with an updated roster was EG. They suffered defeats at the hands of 100T and Version1 in the first qualifier, however, V1 was upset just before the rematch in this qualifier. With only fresh opponents ahead of them, EG defeated PUGSTARS, Ghost, and Girl Kissers to reach their final match against Knights.

Knights put up a good fight, but a paltry 38% first kill success rate continuously kept them on the back foot. EG never let them get more than two rounds ahead before retaking the lead. EG qualified to the group stage with 13-9 and 13-10 victories on Haven and Icebox.

Ghost Gaming Shocks The Region!

Ghost Gaming Valorant
Ghost Gaming

The third team to qualify was a newcomer to the main stage. Ghosts have performed well in smaller tournaments, but they have never managed to qualify for a major event. They started this qualifier with three wins, but a loss to EG knocked them to the lower bracket where they would have to win five straight matches to qualify. The gauntlet began with wins over Team BasiliskComplexity, NYFU, and Built By Gamers Academy before a final showdown with Knights.

For the second straight qualification match, the Knights kept it close. Ghost let an 8-4 lead slip away on Icebox, however, a late streak of rounds gave them the 13-11 victory. They were forced to mount a comeback of their own after falling into a six-round deficit on the defensive side of Ascent. Knights won the final three rounds of regulation to force overtime, but Ghost pulled through with a 14-12 victory in the final frame.

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Sentinels Rose Back To Glory!

Sentinels Valorant

The final slot in the group stage was secured by Sentinels. The once-dominant Masters Reykjavik winners have struggled through the start of 2022. A disappointing first qualifier saw them fall short of the group stage. An early loss to Akrew in this qualifier forced them into a similar lower bracket gauntlet as Ghost. Wins against PUGSTARS, Cosmic DivideDarkZero Esports, and SoaR set them up for their final showdown.

Their redemption tour would have a fitting conclusion against the same Akrew team that knocked them into the lower bracket. Sentinels came out with a vengeance during a 13-1 blowout on Haven. Icebox was a much more contested affair, however, Sentinels hit the gas in the second half to qualify for the group stage with a final score of 13-9.

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The group stage begins on May 13. 100T, EG, Ghost, and Sentinels join FaZe ClanNRG EsportsTSM, and Luminosity who qualified from the first open qualifier, and Cloud9OpTic GamingXSET, and The Guard who qualified from Stage 1.

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