VALORANT’s Best Stretched Resolution

VALORANT Stretched Resolution
19/03/2023/ VALORANT Stretched Resolution / Credits – Reddit

Given that in VALORANT every little detail counts, it is reasonable to state that to achieve their goals, players must identify their preferences. Which range from agents and responsibilities to their targeting sensitivity.

For some, video resolution is a crucial element in this equation. Visually, VALORANT was created for a normal resolution of 1920 x 1080. Which is also what the majority of gamers you encounter will be utilizing. The majority of contemporary displays and monitors have a natural 16:9 aspect ratio as their default setting. And nearly all VALORANT gamers will see this as “normal.”

So, it is challenging to identify the precise benefits of using stretched resolutions in VALORANT. Because of this, your game will not only appear less detailed. But it is also questionable whether doing so would improve performance on the majority of setups.

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This is the ideal stretched resolution to test out in VALORANT for individuals still interested in moving to a non-native aspect ratio.

The ideal stretched resolution to employ

When it comes to stretched resolutions in VALORANT, 1920 x 1080 is frequently the option that gamers cling to.

Many people may choose to utilize this resolution in Riot‘s tactical first-person shooter. Because it has long been the most often used stretched setting in Counter-Strike.

Many gamers enjoy the “feel” of games with a 1280 x 960 resolution because of their 4:3 aspect ratio.

The field of vision (FOV) in VALORANT is fixed at 103, therefore choosing a stretched resolution won’t make the player models. And things appear more prominent. Moreover, the commencement of Episode Five, Act Two in August 2022 introduced the usage of broad crosshairs in the native resolution.

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In light of everything said, trying extended res is not harmful. On paper, selecting one over a native has no obvious advantages. Yet if you do feel more at ease on it, it ought to be much simpler to comprehend why certain professionals compete with extended res on the largest stages in the game.

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