Valorant trailer teases new Maps and Agent coming in Episode 7

A new Valorant trailer has unveiled a cute Pride month short but also some hidden information on the next update.

Valorant Trailer
Short Valorant trailer (image via. Valorant)

Valorant will be entering a new phase with their Episode 7 update that will be coming soon this June. The Valorant update will be changing many new things, including the TDM games mode. It will also have new Agents and new maps for players to explore.

Riot Games often releases trailers that gives fans a sneak peek into the next update that will change the way TDM mode works. Valorant Episode 7 will be releasing by the end of June, and many new updates have been leaked. A new trailer that released on 14th June, gave us some additional info on the new changes.

Valorant trailer leaks new Map names

A new YouTube short trailer featuring Raze and Killjoy might have gave us some information on the new maps and also possibly on the new Agent in Valorant Episode 7.

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The new short trailer features Killjoy and Raze fixing the latter’s equipment and having a cute banter. This is obviously a treat for the Pride Month, as Killjoy and Raze are the poster-pair for Valorant. However, along with this, we might have got some leads on the next update.

As Raze and Killjoy and talking, unnoticed by them, Killjoy’s tablet gets hacked. This hacker brings up a few existing maps in the game, but renames them. The maps that were shown were: Ascent, Split, and Bind. The hacker essentially renames them to Plazza, District, and Kasbah respectively. This can be a subtly hint at the new maps that will be coming with the Valorant update in Episode 7. The TDM mode will be getting some exclusive maps and these 3 might be it.

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Along with the map reveal, we can also speculate that the new Agent might be a cyber agent. At the end of the short we see the message: Execute R.V.N.G. Program // (Y/N)? The agent might be malicious, but no conclusive evidence has been found as of yet. Riot always releases new trailers, so keep an eye out for them on their social media handles.

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