Valorant Releases a New Riot Vanguard Update

Valorant Releases a New Riot Vanguard Update
17/03/2023/ Valorant Releases a New Riot Vanguard Update / Credits – Riot Games

All players of Valorant have access to the most recent Vanguard update right now. Anti-cheat software has a reputation for being among the most obtrusive on the market, but it has also shown to be incredibly successful. In Valorant, Riot has taken steps to guarantee that players are treated fairly.

Vanguard is a top-tier anti-cheat engine because it offers a stringent anti-cheat engine that is very challenging to breach using third-party tools. Riot has finally revealed a few key information surrounding the Vanguard upgrade as a fresh update is now rolling out.

All Valorant players who are utilizing the anti-cheat engine now have access to a fresh Vanguard upgrade, according to official word from Riot. Nevertheless, the Twitter tweet also noted that there is a risk that certain users might have a known problem where the game won’t open if the update is not installed correctly.

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How to install in Valorant after the latest Vanguard upgrade

All players must run Vanguard in the background to play Valorant. Users will need to restart their computers in order for the anti-cheat engine to function correctly if they exit or close a program that is running in the background of the system. It occasionally might need to be restarted more than once since the program has a potential of malfunctioning on startup.

This is typically due to Vanguard, which functions almost as kernel-level software and looks into every file it can find for third-party cheating programs. In other words, it makes an effort to prevent hackers and cheats from using the competitive game.

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The most current Vanguard update’s installation problem can be resolved as follows:

  • Launch Valorant after turning on your PC.
  • Make sure Vanguard is running; otherwise, you will need to restart your computer.
  • A pop-up message about the upgrade can occur when Riot Clint is launched.
  • To install the update, select Agree in the pop-up window.
  • If you choose No, the update won’t be installed, and you risk experiencing more problems.
  • The problem should be fixed by reinstalling the complete game if it is glitched or not starting.

The Riot Games Support account on Twitter has publicly recommended the aforementioned technique. What enhancements this upgrade makes to the anti-cheat engine are still unknown because there hasn’t been much discussion about it. Despite this, it is still reasonable to believe that Riot is consistently working to improve the engine to offer a better competitive experience.

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