Valorant Players can Soon Unlock all Agents with Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass
01/12/2022 | Valorant has collaborated with Xbox for players to unlock agents via an Xbox Game Pass subscription. | Credits: Riot Games

Riot Games will quickly be increasing Valorant’s availability to Xbox Game Pass. The free-to-play, first-person hero-shooter title developed by using Riot Games used to be formally launched lower back in 2020, and ever since. It has emerged as a significant hit. The Game Pass is a subscription-based carrier that can be obtained beneath several plans presented by way of Microsoft and offers game enthusiasts a large variety of games.

Valorant followers can now anticipate to discover their favored shooter on the Xbox Game Pass with extra perks. This comes as interesting information as these perks ought to be worth the buy of the pass properly.

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Access all Valorant Agents from Xbox Game Pass

Prominent leaker and information miner. Mike, additionally recognized as @ValorLeaks, shared a tweet on his legitimate handle. Citing that Valorant is now on the Xbox Store. Which is an indication of Riot Games’ promising future with Microsoft.

Valorant’s Xbox Game Pass provides is speculated to be launched in December 2022. Or in January 2023. However, there hasn’t been any reputable information involving the Xbox Game Pass offer. The respectable announcement for the Game Pass used to be made at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase again in June 2022. Players will be getting pretty a few in-game perks with the Game Pass when it comes to Riot’s Shooter. Upon getting the Xbox Game Pass, all Agents will already be unlocked for gamers to strive in-game. It can be anticipated that the length of the unlocked Agents will solely final until the subscription itself.

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This can inspire new gamers to attempt out new Agents in the recreation so they can have thought about their playstyles and utilities. The Game Pass will additionally supply an extra XP Boost in-game that can assist one grind the Battle Pass, daily, and weekly challenges. This should show to be an extraordinarily advisable perk for game enthusiasts who actively buy the Battle Pass. Xbox Game Pass is famous for housing some of the most renowned video recreation titles to date and all for a very low priced price. Games like Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, and FIFA 22 are some of the top-picked titles from the past.


The addition of Riot Games’ most famous shooter will make sure a high-quality future for Xbox Game Pass as well. Millions of gamers are actively enjoying the shooter. These extra perks should trade the journey for game enthusiasts all around the world. Riot Games is but to formally announce their shooter’s addition to the Xbox Game Pass library. However, there is a hypothesis that it will be this wintry weather season.

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With that being said, followers should comprehend that the addition of Valorant to the Xbox has nothing to do with consoles. The announcement will now not tackle the speculated console variations of the title. However, there have been rumors online involving the console model of Valorant being in development. It is but to be considered what Riot Games has in the graph for the future. However, for now, game enthusiasts can be joyful with the addition of their favored aggressive shooter making its way to one of the most well-known libraries out there.

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