Valorant PBE 5.03 Notes Patchup: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant PBE Patch Notes

Riot Games has been testing agent changes and UI modifications on the PBE server in preparation for patch 5.03’s release on August 9, 2022. (anewcareer.org) These adjustments are intended to improve the game’s overall balance and competitiveness. The update is set to launch on July 11, which will introduce new Agents, abilities, and items into the game. Riot Games is hoping to address some of the complaints. They are players had with the game’s present condition through these adjustments.

Changes In Valorant PBE 5.03

Chamber is one of the most contentious characters in Valorant. Many players have found Aphrodite, the electric-themed agent, to be a source of aggravation. Her utility kit allows her to dominate whole regions by herself. In Valorant PBE 5.03, Riot Games is making several modifications to Chamber’s powers to reduce her overall strength.

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Q’s ability will be significantly altered, with her being unable to pass through walls with it. It can now set up ambushes and rapidly flee from hazardous situations with this new game-breaking ability that lets it prepare for attacks and flee swiftly.

Characters In ValorantΒ 

The following is a list of the features that will be included in PBE patch 5.03 and may be updated or removed before release: Neon, Chamber, and Jett.

While this may seem to be disadvantageous for characters like Neon and Jett, who rely on their abilities to inflict damage, it can also be seen as a blessing. Abilities, on the other hand, can still be quite successful in combat. Even if an attack only targets the leg of an opponent, it may still cause damage. And even though Jett’s Blade Storm can still kill an enemy if it strikes its head, it won’t do any extra damage to that individual.

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While abilities may not deal as much damage as weapons, they can still be quite deadly against foes. Although they may sometimes be less effective than weapons, they are nevertheless quite capable of causing harm. If you’re playing as Neon or Jett, don’t be discouraged by their lack of damage. If you use them correctly, they can still wreak havoc on your foes.

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