Valorant Night Market returns to Episode 6 Act 3

Valorant Night Market is back once again but has left many fans disappointed because of the changes.

Valorant Night Market
Valorant Night Market (image via. Riot Games)

As some of you might know, the Valorant Night Market was disabled a few days ago due to some technical issues. Riot had announced that the Night Market was causing problems to many users as it did not refresh properly.

Players can rejoice once again, as the Valorant Night Market is again up for the users to access in Episode 6 Act 3. The developers have finally released the event once again, with a positive “We’re back”. Players can now access the market to obtain the cosmetics that you covet the most. However, you need to be fast, as the event will only stick around till the next Valorant update.

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Valorant Night Market: Players will get no Re-Rolls

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With the re-release of the Night Market, many fans had speculated about the re-roll features and what will Riot do with it. But the official news has disappointed many fans. Riot has released a small twitter post informing players that there will be no-rerolls for the Night Market in this Act.

Night Market gives the players a total of 6 cards that can be rolled. These skins are offered to you at a discounted rate. Players who have already rolled their shops before the event was taken down will be getting no more re-rolls. This means that the same skins that they had received, will be coming in the Night Market.

Players are very disappointed with this update as this has ruined chances to get better skins. Players who had also faced the bug cannot use the re-roll option if they had used one previously.

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The Night market will stay up until the start of Episode 7, which will be around 27th-29th June 2023.

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