Valorant New Map Breeze Revealed In Valorant Update 2.08

Valorant revealed a brand new map, Breeze, in its new update 2.08. Read this article till the end to know the details of the map.

New Valorant Map to be called Breeze in Vlorant update 2.08

Valorant is an online multiplayer game where players have to select an agent before the game begins. Each agent has different abilities. One attacker team has to carry a spike and plant it on either site of the map. The defending team has to stop attackers from entering the site and not allowing them to plant.

If the attackers successfully enter the site and plant the spike, defenders need to kill the enemies and defuse the spike. The sites have been changed after the completion of 12 rounds.

Valorant Update 2.08: Valorant New Map Breeze

The new update of Valorant will bring Season 2 Act 3, a Brand New Map named Breeze, a New Agent, a New Battle Pass and Dedicated Coach Slots. Out of all these things, Valorant has released the trailer of its new upcoming map. Read this article till the end to know the details of the map.

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Valorant New Map Breeze: All You Need to Know

valorant new map breeze
New Valorant Map Breeze confirmed

After seeing the trailer, it looks like an island-based location map. The new update earlier delayed by around one week, so the players were quite upset.

The A Site of the map for planting the spike has two huge triangle covers. Although, it seems like covers on sites have been reduced a bit. The other site of Map, which is the B Site, also looks pretty good for both sites.

The smokers will play a crucial role in this map as it seems quite a huge map with lots of places to cover with smoke. It will be interesting to see competition on this map.

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Also, the trailer of New Agent and leaks of Battle Pass may come shortly. Stay tuned for further updates.

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