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How to fix the Valorant Audio Bug in Episode 7?

A very peculiar Valorant Audio Bug has been persistent in Episode 7 Act 1 patch negating Agent voice lines.

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Every game has a run-in with bugs that either annoy the players, lead to hilarious sequences, or completely break the game. No wonder, bugs are a hassle to deal with. The Valorant Audio Bug plaguing Valorant Episode 7’s release can be quite game changing for players.

With the release of Valorant Episode 7 Act 1, many new features have been introduced in the game, like the new TDM mode, a new Agent, and even a overhaul of the Progression System. Along with the new changes, some bugs have crept in. The Audio Bug is annoying, mainly because you cannot hear other agents cast their abilities or ultimates.

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How to fix the Valorant Audio Bug?

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The Valorant Audio Bug has started occurring after the latest patch in Valorant. Episode 7 Act 1 brings with it many additional features. But some bugs are still persisting in the game. Among them the most annoying is this audio bug.

When this bug occurs, players cannot hear the voice lines that Agents say during their abilities or ultimate. This leads to you being hit without any prior warning, making only the lucky to dodge it on time. It can be very annoying during ranked matches when winning and losing makes a difference.

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Riot Games will most probably patch it very soon, as this bug has the community in shambles. However, as you are waiting you can try to implement some temporary fixes. You can visiting Settings, then download a patch of Audio languages by changing your set language. Restarting and changing it back might do the trick, but if not, then you have to wait for the next patch or hotfix.

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