Valorant Champions Skin Bundle Revealed to celebrate VCT

The Valorant Champions Skins will be releasing very soon with the grand opening of the event.

Valorant Champions Skin (image via. Valorant)

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 will soon be starting with its final matchups, where 16 top teams globally will be participating. To celebrate this major moment in Valorant esports history, Riot Games has revealed a new set of Valorant Champions Skins Bundle.

These bundles are released every time a major championship is held in Valorant. Naturally these skins sell a lot of copies, but this also has a dual purpose. Fifty percent of the revenue these skins generate will be going towards the esports teams and their prize pools. Esports has become a very cutthroat business, and collecting this revenue helps a lot in organizing future tournaments.

Here are all the details about the new skin line in Valorant.

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Valorant Champions Skin Bundle: Price, Reviews and More


The Champions Skin bundles have always been the top sellers during the event. These generally include a weapon skin and a melee weapon skin that are themed around the event itself. Last year the skins were really well received, but this time it seems to be a little lackluster.

This time there are two skins, one for Vandal and one for Melee knife. This had also recurred once during the 2021 championship. However, this time they have gone for a completely new look. Vandal features a black-gold body with the VCT markings and the Melee weapon features Jett’s kunai knife with a similar logo and black-gold body. Moreover, the body is completely reactive!

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But if players get the complete Bundle, they will also receive some additional cosmetics. The bundle includes:

  • Vandal Champions 2023 Skin
  • Champions 2023 Melee
  • Champions 2023 Player card
  • Champions 2023 Gun Buddie

Price and Reactions

The previous bundles have been priced around 6000-6300 VP. If the trends hold true then this bundle will also be priced at a similar price point. The bundle will be released on August 4 and will stay until 29 August, 2023.

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However, the reactions of getting the same weapons repeated this time has been hit-or-miss. Some really like the aesthetics of the skin, but many are pointing out that the same weapon getting the skins is kind of boring. There are several other great guns in the store which deserve some new skins. Moreover, if the price is higher than the earlier bundle, players might not buy it based on this. However, this can only be observed after the skins release to official servers.

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