Valorant Champions 2022: Favourites, Top Teams, and Predictions

Valorant Champions 2022
Valorant Champions 2022 is around the corner and we are excited to pick the favorites you can put your money on.

As we approach the opening of Champions Istanbul 2022 next week, 16 teams will compete to determine the winner of the title of the most valuable team for 2022. The 16 qualified teams, will be divided into four groups. And the top eight teams will move to the Playoffs to determine which two teams will fight to determine who is the most dominant and be crowned Valorant Champions 2022.


From the teams participating in Istanbul, we believe these teams are the top ones worth following during the event. Based on their performances in Masters Reykjavik and Masters Copenhagen. There is a good likelihood that one of these teams will be within the top four teams of the tournament heading into the final round.


Favorites Related to the Champions Tour Istambul Outright Odds

FunPlus Phoenix: Prediction in Valorant Champions 2022 

This European giant has performed exceptionally well during VCT 2022. Even though they missed out on Masters Rejkyavik because of restrictions on travel. Although they could not attend one of the season’s most important games. Their performance didn’t suffer even a bit.

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This fact is evident in their victory against Paper Rex at Masters Copenhagen to win the title in the event. In Copenhagen, they lost twice, first to DRX and the other time to Fnatic, but their record depicts victories.


Our predictionWe’ll watch them compete in the semifinals.


OpTic Gaming: How they’ll do in Valorant Champions 2022?

The American team, leading the NA circuit, secured their spot in Istanbul thanks to their hard work in the current season. They almost won two masters in a row when they took home Masters Reykjavik, and unfortunately ended up in third place following their loss to FunPlus Phoenix at Copenhagen.

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This team consistently made excellent performances all through the VCT 2022 tournament. Even though they didn’t take home either of the NA Challengers, their performances at both Masters earned the team enough points to remain on top of the team’s ranking table – beating out other teams such as XSET and Sentinels were unable to make it into Champions this time around.


Our prediction is that OpTic will likely be among the best eight teams competing for the title of Champions.


Paper Rex: Their performance in Valorant Champions 2022 

The team defying the circuit’s rules will change the face of VALORANT. They will show their distinctive style of aggressiveness again in Istanbul. They are proudly in the top spot of their ranking table. The group from Singapore was so close to winning the Masters Copenhagen after being content with fourth place in the Masters Reykjavik. Besides, what are VCT Circuit Points?

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We predict that Paper Rex will play FunPlus Phoenix for a grudge match in Copenhagen.


LOUD: Performance Assessment in Valorant Champions 2022 

One of the best teams in South America, this very young team certainly created waves on the Brazillian circuit. Due to their second position in Reykjavik and eleventh place in Copenhagen, It is enough to place them in the top spot of the list for Brazil.


Compared with different LATAM teams, LOUD has significantly improved their performance in VALORANT, their nearest rank rival within the LATAM region. Leviatan, who scored 345 fewer points. Take a look into VCT EMEA Stage 2. This article is the best review to predict VCT 2022 Istambul.

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