Unlocking Inazuma: Your Gateway to Adventure

28/11/2023 | Embark on an electrifying adventure in Genshin Impact 2.0! Unlock Inazuma, explore new islands, recruit powerful characters, and face the challenges that await. | Credits: Genshin Impact

The highly anticipated Genshin Impact 2.0 update introduces the splendid new region of Inazuma, an archipelago governed by the formidable Electro Archon, Baal. The update brings not only a visually stunning landscape but also new characters like Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu for players to explore and recruit.

Inazuma consists of six islands, each holding its secrets, but with the initial 2.0 release, players can venture into three of them: Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island. The Electro Archon’s rule, marked by the confiscation of Visions, adds an element of danger and tension to the exploration.

Your Journey to Inazuma

Contrary to attempts at creative ice bridging, the journey to Inazuma is more straightforward. To unlock access, players need to meet specific requirements:

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Adventure Rank 30 or Above

Players must reach Adventure Rank 30 or higher to embark on the Inazuma adventure. This ensures a sufficient level of experience and capability to face the challenges within the new region.

Initiating the Archon Quest

To access Inazuma, players must initiate the Archon quest titled β€˜Chapter II: Act I – The Immortal God and the Eternal Euthymia.’ This questline serves as the gateway to Inazuma and unfolds in several chapters.

Starting with ‘Setting Sail’

The first chapter of the Archon quest, named ‘Setting Sail,’ commences in Liyue Harbor. Players should speak to Katheryne to trigger the quest. This initiates a sea voyage, symbolizing the transition from Liyue to the shores of Inazuma.

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Inazuma’s Arrival: What to Expect

Upon arrival in Inazuma, players are introduced to the captivating beauty and intricacies of the new region. From Sakura blooms to unique types of wood, Inazuma offers a plethora of resources and landscapes to explore.

Sakura Bloom Locations

For players seeking Sakura blooms, essential for character ascension, a comprehensive guide outlines the locations of these vibrant blossoms across Inazuma. Knowing where to find them ensures players can efficiently gather these valuable resources.

Inazuma’s Wood Types

Inazuma introduces new types of wood for players to harvest. A dedicated guide pinpoints the locations of these trees, aiding players in collecting the necessary materials for crafting and character development.

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Embracing the Inazuma Experience

Inazuma, with its rich lore, challenging adversaries, and visually stunning landscapes, marks a significant addition to the Genshin Impact world. As players explore the islands, uncover secrets, and face the trials set by Baal, the Electro Archon, the journey promises both excitement and danger.

Prepare for an immersive experience as Inazuma unfolds its wonders, and don’t forget to embark on the Archon quest to set sail for this new and electrifying adventure in Genshin Impact 2.0.

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