Genshin Impact Yaoyao Banner: Overview and Abilities

22/11/2023 | Explore the Genshin Impact 3.4 update with the new Yaoyao banner. Learn about her abilities, constellations, and how to optimize your team composition. | Credits: Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact 3.4 update has brought the highly anticipated Yaoyao banner, offering players the chance to obtain this new four-star Dendro character. The banner is live from January 17 to February 7, providing a limited-time window to acquire her.

Yaoyao’s Background and Role

Yaoyao, who trained under Madame Ping alongside Xiangling, wields a polearm as her primary weapon. After completing her training, she became Ganyu’s assistant. With her adepti protector, Yuegei, Yaoyao excels as a healer, making her a valuable addition to teams focused on sustaining combat.

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Banner Abilities and Overview

  1. Normal Attack โ€“ Toss ‘N’ Turn Spear:
    • Performs up to four consecutive spear strikes.
    • A charged attack allows her to lunge forward, dealing damage.
    • Plunging attack inflicts damage on enemies upon landing.
  2. Elemental Skill โ€“ Raphanus Sky Cluster:
    • Calls upon Yuegei to assist in combat.
    • In the Throwing Mode, White Jade Radishes explode, dealing Dendro damage and healing party members based on her max health.
    • Radishes can be thrown at opponents or party members, offering strategic versatility.
  3. Elemental Burst โ€“ Moonjade Descent:
    • Unlocks Yaoyao’s Adeptal Legacy, enhancing Yuegei’s capabilities.
    • Adeptal Legacy includes healing and Dendro damage on Radish explosions, increased movement speed, and Dendro resistance buff.
    • Allows summoning up to three versions of Yuegei in Jumping Mode.
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Passive Talents:

  • Starscatter: Radish throws during sprinting or jumping while in Adeptal Legacy state.
  • In Others’ Shoes: Radish explosions provide healing to characters within AoE based on their max health.
  • Tailing On Tiptoes: Prevents startling of small animals when she is at the party.


  1. Adeptusโ€™ Tutelage: Enhances Dendro damage bonus and stamina restoration for characters hit by Radish explosions.
  2. Innocent: Restores energy to Yaoyao when Radishes deal damage to opponents.
  3. Loyal and Kind: Levels up Raphanus Sky Cluster.
  4. Winsome: Grants Elemental Mastery boost to Yaoyao after using certain abilities.
  5. Compassionate: Levels up Moonjade Descent.
  6. Beneficent: Introduces Mega Radishes that deal with AoE Dendro damage and provide health restoration.
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The arrival of the Yaoyao banner in Genshin Impact 3.4 introduces a versatile and strategic character to the game. Players eager to enhance their teams with a skilled healer and damage dealer should seize the opportunity to wish on her banner before it concludes on February 7.

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