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Garena Free Fire: Best Male Characters in Free Fire for Clash Squad

Top 5 Male characters in Free Fire
Top 5 Male characters in Free Fire

Top 5 Male characters in Free Fire for clash squad help the players to tackle the obstacles quickly. So, if you are confused about the selection of the characters follow our article. This article will help you know about the top 5 male characters for clash squad mode in February 2021. So, you can choose any of these characters to upgrade your gameplay.

The Clash Squad mode in Free Fire is one of the most popular arcade modes set to get revamp in the next patch update. The latest patch note comes with a new map and store. Different characters in Free Fire have some other powers and capabilities.

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List of Top 5 Male Characters in Free Fire for February 2021

  1. Chrono CR7

This Character is in collaboration with Portugal football player Christiano Ronaldo. “Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe” is its’ an in-game description. Chrono CR7 is one of the latest addition with a powerful in-game ability called ‘Time-Turner’.

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Chrono also has a Cosmic Bounty Hunter Set worth 500 diamonds. It has a beautiful ability to create damage by blocking the force field. It can quickly halt 600 HP damage at the base level from the enemies. Players with their partners can increase their movement by 15% and 10% respectively.

All of these powers of Chrono are active only for about 9 seconds. It requires 50 seconds to cool down. Players can easily attain Chrono by various top-up events that happen in the game regularly.

2. DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the mysterious yet favourite characters of Free Fire players. The Character’s active ability name is ‘Drop the Beat’. DJ Alok can establish a 5m aura, which increases the comrade’s speed by 10% and produces 5HP for continuous 5 seconds.

If you are using level-up cards in that case, you can quickly boost Alok’s ability to level 6. The max level enhances the movement speed by 15% and produces 5HP for 10 seconds.

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Players can move faster with this Character in short-distance bouts in the Clash Squad Mode. DJ Alok increases the winning probability and helps to stay in the game till the end.

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3. Jota

The in-game description of this Character reads as: “Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman.” Jota’s passive ability is ‘Sustained Raids‘. Jota can immediately restore 25 HP after killing the foes with an SMG or a Shotgun. 40 HP gets repair once it is at the max level on each kill.

Players can purchase this Character with 499 diamonds. Jota works best in close-quarter fights. It is suitable for players with a violent playing style and prefers using SMGs or Shotgun.

4. Antonio

If we talk about the past of Antonio, then he was an orphan and grew into a gangster. It has a passive ability named “Gagster Spirit“. Antonio is one of the most suitable characters to use at the beginning of the games.

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Antonio character provides 35 HP at the start of the games. At max level Antonio delivers an extra 40 HP. This Character can help you clear the initial rounds of Clash Squad mode very smoothly. It increases your probability to stay for a bit longer in the game.

5. Wukong

Wukong’s other name is ‘monkey character‘ with the active skill ‘Camouflage’. This Character helps in confusing the opponents. It allows the players to turn themselves into the thick bush to hide. This ability lasts for 20 seconds.

Wukong’s ability requires 200 seconds to cool down at the max level. If players are using the Character at the max level, they can easily win the Clash Squad mode game.