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Valorant: Top 5 Agents Combination to Play on BIND

This article details the agents used on the BIND map in Valorant and which agents to play as a team.


In Valorant, Bind is one of the favorite maps to play. The desert feels and its short turning paths ask a player to know the game and the best agents to play on this map. So, here is a list of Top 5 agents combination to play on BIND. This is just an assumption based on many matches of esports and the agents mostly used by and professional players to play on this map.

What’s Special About BIND?

Top 5 agents combination to play on BIND
Top 5 agents combination to play on BIND

Bind is the only map in Valorant with teleporters, which help the players move from one portion to another portion in a short duration of time. Teleporters make a sound when a player enters, therefore it is risky too as it will warn your opponent. Bind’s paths are both short and long to reach the spike spot.

The spike spots are too open as compared to other maps. So, that is a reason to pick up an agent who can drop smokes for blocking angles.

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Picking up an agent here can be very much based on a team as it is almost impossible to win 13 agents with the help of only one agent. The Top 5 Agents’ combination to play on BIND is mainly based on a team point of view. Valorant has many options of agents so one can pick any of them to enjoy the game.

Top 5 agents combination on BIND:

1.Jett, Brimstone, Sage, Sova, Skye

Jett is an important player of the team and it plays the role of duelist to pick up the kills. On the attacking side, Jett can dash towards safe points after a flash from the Skye. It helps to enter the spike spot easily.

Brimstone’s smokes are a must need to block the enemies while planting or blocking vision for enemies. Sova’s dart and drone help to know the location. There is a total of 4 ways to enter the site, and it takes some time to rotate therefore sage’s wall can give an option less for the attacking team.

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2.Raze, Omen, Sage, Sova, Breach

Raze paint shells can cause a lot of damage to the enemies camping in the shower or Hookah. The Boombot also works as a scout and Raze is used to get early kills on the map. Omen’s smokes are too good for blocking the angles. Breach flashes are one of the best in Valorant along with the Skye and the maps want flashes because of its open areas.

3.Phoneix, Omen, Sage, Cypher, Jett

Phoneix is good when it comes to getting early kills. He can heal in his molly and can flash the enemies with his curveball. So one can have an extra duelist as Jett and does not need an extra agent just for flashing.

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Cypher can play a huge role with his camera as it takes some time to rotate and check where the enemies are going to plant.

4.Yoru, Brimstone, Sage, Cypher, Sova

Yoru is very good with his flashes and teleporter. He can make a site entry initially and get some early kills backstabbing the enemies. Cypher’s camera and trapwires can provide information that will help to defend the site.

5.Yoru, Reyna, Sova, Viper, Sage

Reyna and Yoru both have flashes which will make the enemies blind for few seconds. Reyna can also come back to a safe spot after getting a kill with the help of its Dismiss ability. Viper can play an important role in defending the spike spot with her toxic wall, which reduces the player’s health point when crossed.

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