Top 3 Best Bundles in Free Fire: How to Get Them in November 2021?


Free Fire games have many in-game cosmetics that every player wants to buy and show off. For example characters like Alok, Ortho, Neon, Gun skins, Bundles and more. (Mathemania.com) Also, The Best Bundle collection of Free Fire is extremely large and contain a variety of options available. Furthermore, this November 2021 release some awesome Bundles in Free Fire. However, some of them come in Booyah Day 2021 events and some other small events. Here you will read about the Top 3 Best Bundles in Free Fire and also get a special tip on How To Obtain Them?

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Top 3 Best Bundles in Free Fireย 

1. Doctor Red Bundle

Top 3 Best Bundles in Free Fire: How to Get Them in November 2021?

The first one of the best bundles in Free Fire on the list is Doctor Red Bundle. It is a brand new bundle released in the Free Fire Diamond Royal of November 2021. As we know, every diamond Royal comes up with brand new in-game cosmetics. However, Doctor Red Bundle is going to be a little expensive. Therefore, Before heading towards making sure you have a full pack of diamonds.

Moreover, if you want to purchase this awesome bundle then first open the diamond royal in the Free Fire game. Then click on the spin button and repeat the process until you get your Doctor Red Bundle.

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2. Mystic Evil Bundle

Mystic Evil Bundle Free Fire

Mystic Evil Bundle is another one of the best bundles Free Fire of November 2021. This Bundle comes with the Booyah Day 2021 event on 23rd November 2021. Mystics Evilโ€™s Black and Purple make itself extremely cool. Furthermore, you also get a black mask with Mystic Evil Bundle.

To obtain the Mystic Evil Bundle you need to participate in the Lucky Wheel event of Booyah Day 2021. Furthermore, This bundle is a limited-time event and it will be over on 29 November 2021. Mystic Evil Bundle is cheaper than Doctor Red Bundle.

3. Best Bundle in Free Fire: The Alpha Flameborn Bundle

Now, we have our best bundles in Free Fire – The Alpha Flameborn Bundle. Furthermore, like Mystic Evil Bundle, The Alpha Flameborn Bundle is also part of the Booyah Ascension event. This bundle is not just an outfit but also comes with multiple colours and emotes.

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Furthermore, if you want to get The Alpha bundle then first open the Booyah Ascension event. After that, first, obtain the tokens (Booyah Day Tokens). Then use those tokens to spin and get your best bundle.

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