Top 10 BGMI Players in India 2023

Top 10 BGMI Players in India
03/01/2023/ Top 10 BGMI Players in India / Credits – BGMI

Millions of people actively play Battleground Mobile India, one of the most well-liked games. The obvious question that emerges following the release of this game over a year ago is who the top players in this format of the game are! To settle this discussion and provide answers, we are providing the most recent list of top BGMI players in India.

1. Jonathan Jude Amaral

Jonathan Gaming is another name for him. Many BGMI fans admire his temperament, pleasant manner, and engaging abilities with the crowd. He is a thumb player, which helps his supporters to better monitor and comprehend his gaming style. He’s also well-known for his 1v4 Clutches and fragging abilities. This individual is consistent throughout the tournaments and is occasionally named the MVP winner. Jonathan’s sprays on the ground are incredible, and his incredible spotting skills have propelled him to the top of our ranking in the list of top BGMI players in India.

2. Scout

Tanmay, often known as Scout, is practically tied for first place, thanks to his large fan base and millions of BGMI supporters. He is a seasoned player from Valsad, Gujarat. Scout is a sniper and flanker who may swiftly transition into the position of the assaulter. There’s a lot to learn from this person to better comprehend games.

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3. Snax

Snax delivers a punch with his gameplay style, earning him the moniker ‘DP King’! The name derives from Snax’s DP28 burst photos, which many people think are simply incredible. It is only fair to state that he is one of the names that helped to popularise BGMI in players in India more than any other. He continues to offer ideas and techniques that are simple to learn and use. Snax’s YouTube following is already in the millions and continues to increase.

4. Mavi

Harmandeep ‘Mavi’ Singh, a Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) expert, is affiliated with IGL and has been dazzling everyone from his days with the Indian Esports squad in PUBG. His knowledge and team-player approach has had a significant influence on every tournament and league in which he has participated. Mavi is regarded as one of the finest assaulters in the country, which has made him popular among BGMI followers, who number in the millions!

5. ClutchGod

ClutchGod by Vivek Abhas is the latest phenomenon in the Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) market! His unique selling point is his calm and collected style of play, which is adored by every BGMI fan out there. ClutchGod’s ability to read the game and collect points is extraordinary. This gamer is a team player who has helped his team win games and tournaments on several times. ClutchGod is recognised for developing excellent game strategies and executing them well, which is why he has been named MVP in various categories.

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6. Akshat

As a chief assaulter, Akshat is gaining the hearts of the BGMI family, and his survival abilities are unrivalled! He has been named tournament MVP on many occasions and has silenced his detractors with his play.

7. NinjaJOD

When it comes to playing Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), NinjaJOD’s name is impossible to ignore. He is a member of Team Solo Mid (TSM) and is well-known for the rampages he produces during tournaments and scrims. When it comes to fragging talents in all ranges, whether long or short, no one beats him. Ninja Jod is also the only player in the BGIS 2021 quarter-finals to have received three MVP honours in a row.

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8. Saumraj

Saumraj received universal acclaim for his outstanding accomplishments as an IGL in battlegrounds Mobile eSports competitions this year. Not only that, but he helped his team SkyLightz Gaming win the BGIS 2021 title, as well as the Rampage Freak and Lone Ranger accolades. Another feather in his cap is GodLike Esports’ triumph of ‘Chicken Dinner’ at PMGC 2021! Among his various abilities, grenade attack and attacking are his distinguishing features in the BGMI community.

9. Mortal

Mortal’s true name is Naman Mathur. He is one of India’s most well-known BGMI players in India. On his YouTube account, he generally streams BGMI gaming videos. He is also the Soul Clan’s founder. He recently passed the 7 million subscriber mark on his YouTube account.

10. Dynamo

Aditya Sawant’s ‘Dynamo’ is causing quite a stir in the BGMI arena! This Mumbaikar’s large YouTube following comes as no surprise given his long history in the gaming industry. The eSports world can’t get enough of him, as his razor-sharp abilities continue to amaze BGMI fans.

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