Three New Clash Games In Development Announced By Supercell

Recently, Supercell, the creator of Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans, announced three brand new games, namely Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes.

three brand new Clash Games
Supercell announced three brand new Clash Games

Recently, Supercell, the creator of Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans, announced three brand new Clash Games. Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes are the three new games.

Supercell is one of the world’s most famous developers. Also, the players have been playing and enjoying these Clash Games often.

Details About Three Brand New Clash Games

Clash of Clans on youtube made an official announcement regarding the three new Clash Games. The officials stated that they never announce any games at such an early stage though this is the first time to create a level of excitement and hype in the players. Further, they even stated that these new Games would be completely separate from the earlier two games. Also, this development won’t affect the existing Clash games.

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The all-new three games are still in the development stage, but the players will witness some characters familiar to Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans.

Clash Quest

three brand new Clash Games
Clash Quest

It is a tactical strategy-based game that will conclude some of the things familiar to the existing Clash Games. Also, it will conclude the existing faces and characters, and they will act the same in the form of troops or army. The game will start with troops in the army; if one runs out of troops, he loses the match. Moreover, Clash Quest will be a defence-based game. Further, one can create a strong army by winning rewards from a battle and the maps.

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Clash Mini

three brand new Clash Games
Clash mini

It is an auto battler game that is simple and easy to play but offers a strategic system. Players will compete against each other using Miniatures of real characters and Clash Mini; the name derives from there. The gameplay depth will be a casual strategic game, and the Miniatures will be cute and cool models of the creatures.

Clash Heroes
Three New Clash Games: Clash Heroes

This is a game where you have to assemble a team of diverse characters and set the journey through the world of Clash. Also, it seems to be like the Supercell’s Brawl Stars as the analogue and controls schemes teased in the first glimpse. Moreover, it will offer a thrilling gameplay experience. Along with this, it will provide customized theme modes to play with their visuals in a fun and crazy way.

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