The Outlast Trials 1.0 OUT NOW! (Game Review)

The Outlast Trials 1.0 OUT NOW! (Game Review)
The Outlast Trials 1.0 OUT NOW! (Game Review)

Are you a fan of the heart-pounding terror that the Outlast series is renowned for? If so, then prepare yourself for The Outlast Trials, a chilling new entry now available on Steam. This prequel throws you into the twisted experiments of the Murkoff Corporation during the Cold War era. Play solo or with friends, and confront a nerve-wracking cocktail of stealth, survival, and psychological horror.

Why I Love Solo Play in The Outlast Trials

With over 100 hours logged in solo mode, I can confidently say this game delivers a classic Outlast experience. Expect to spend much of your time hunkered down, navigating treacherous darkness, and holding your breath in a desperate bid for survival. The thrill of barely escaping harrowing chases remains a core pillar of the gameplay.

The Outlast Trials amps up the tension with a dash of RNG (random number generation). Every trial you face is a unique puzzle. Blocked doorways, item locations, and resource availability are constantly shifting, ensuring a high degree of replayability and forcing you to adapt your strategies on the fly.

Multiplayer: Fun, But Chaotic

While solo play preserves the Outlast essence, joining forces with friends introduces a new flavor of chaos. Teamwork is essential, but the focus inevitably shifts away from meticulous stealth towards a mad dash to complete objectives. This change of pace can be exhilarating, even if it somewhat dilutes the traditional Outlast atmosphere.

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Welcome to a Grotesque 1950s Nightmare

Visually and thematically, The Outlast Trials oozes its own brand of disturbing charm. It transplants the twisted experiments of Murkoff into a warped vision of 1950s suburbia, creating a sense of unease throughout your playthrough. The sound design is equally unsettling, amplifying the fear factor in every dark corner.

The Verdict: Should You Buy The Outlast Trials on Steam?

If the following sounds appealing, then The Outlast Trials is undoubtedly worth a purchase:

  • Intense stealth gameplay: Sneaking and evasion are your primary tools for survival.
  • Unpredictability: No two playthroughs are exactly alike.
  • Horrifying chase sequences: Prepare for adrenaline-filled moments of sheer terror.
  • Disturbingly immersive world: Grotesquely captivating visuals and unsettling sound design.

Get Ready for More Terror

The game has surely improved and upgraded its gameplay aspect, and of course, it’s got all the twisted and gruesome visuals and sounds you’d expect from an Outlast game, this time by way of a perverse mockery of 1959 suburban culture. The whole vibe of the environment is fantastic.
Looking forward to all the new players joining the general release. Welcome reagents! Wear your brown pants. Read More

FAQs: Your Survival Guide for the Trials

Q1. Is this game a sequel? Do I need to play the previous Outlast games?

This game is actually a prequel, which means you can enjoy it even if you haven’t played the previous titles. Fans of the series will still find interesting connections, though!

Q2. What kind of computer do I need to play the game?

You should always check the official Steam store page for the game to find the minimum and recommended system requirements for your computer.

Q3. Can I play offline?

Unfortunately, this game does require a constant internet connection to play.

Q4. Does the game work with a controller?

Yes, it has controller support, so feel free to use your preferred gamepad.

Q5. I’m not great with horror games. Is The Outlast Trials too scary?

The Outlast series is all about intense horror experiences. Expect graphic violence, disturbing imagery, and frequent jump scares.

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Q6. How long does it take to beat the game?

Your completion time will vary based on your playstyle, but the main story will take roughly 10-15 hours. With additional challenges and reasons to go back for another playthrough, there are many more hours of potential gameplay.

Q7. Does the game offer accessibility options?

There are some accessibility features available, but players have expressed a desire for more options. If accessibility settings are important to you, it’s worth researching what the game offers before purchasing.

Q8. Does the game have microtransactions?

There are microtransactions available, but they only affect cosmetics and offer no gameplay advantage.

Q9. Can I play with friends who are on different platforms?

At this time, crossplay between different gaming platforms is not available.

Q10. I need help with the game or want to report a bug – what do I do?

There are official support forums dedicated to the game, and you can also reach out to the developer’s support team directly.