6 Major Changes Coming to Starfield in the Next Update

6 Major Changes Coming to Starfield in the Next Update
6 Major Changes Coming to Starfield in the Next Update | Credits: Bethesda

Bethesda’s highly anticipated space epic, Starfield, has been the talk of the gaming world since its initial announcement. After a slight delay, fans are eagerly awaiting its release, and with good reason. Bethesda has promised to deliver a vast and immersive experience, allowing players to explore the settled systems with unprecedented freedom. And, as with any ambitious project of this scale, updates, and improvements will be a continuous part of Starfield’s journey.

What’s New…

Here’s a look at what we can expect in the coming updates:

1. Enhanced Ship Customization

  • More in-depth modular design: Change your ship’s fundamental layout for better performance or to suit your aesthetic desires. Think bigger engines, expanded cargo holds, or reinforced armor.
  • Expanded component variety: Choose from a bigger selection of weapons, shield generators, engines, and other essential ship components.
  • Cosmetic flair: Add decals, paint jobs and customizable interior decorations to personalize your ship.

2. Overhauled Planetary Exploration

  • Improved terrain generation: Planets will boast even more natural variation, with realistic mountain ranges, vast underground cave systems, and diverse biomes.
  • Dynamic Events: Planetary exploration won’t be just aimless wandering. Expect to encounter more surprises like abandoned outposts, sudden environmental hazards, or unique opportunities.

3. Revamped Companions

  • Expanded Dialogue: Engage in more meaningful conversations with your companions. Learn about their backstories, motivations, and build stronger relationships.
  • Quest-specific Abilities: Companions will be able to leverage their unique skills more effectively during missions.
  • Follower Commands: Take more tactical control over your companions in combat scenarios.

4. Refined Space Combat

  • Advanced Maneuvers: Players will have access to a wider range of combat maneuvers.
  • Realistic Ship Physics: Spacecraft handling will become more nuanced.
  • Enemy AI improvements: Enemy ships will exhibit more intelligent and tactical behavior.

5. New Gameplay Features and Quality of Life Improvements

  • Advanced outpost building: Design more intricate bases.
  • Expanded skill trees: Invest in new skills and perks.
  • Smoother UI: Menus and in-game interactions will get refined for a more streamlined experience.

6. Introduction of Mod Support

  • Expanded game world: Modders will be able to introduce new planets, systems, and even entirely new storylines for players to explore.
  • Custom gear and weaponry: Players will get a vastly expanded arsenal and unique ship modules.
  • New gameplay systems: Mods give the potential to completely overhaul or introduce new gameplay elements.


  • Will the next update address performance issues on PC?

Bethesda is aware of performance concerns and is actively working on fixes that will be included in the update.

  • When is the release date of the next update?

While there’s no exact date, Bethesda has indicated it should arrive at March 6.

  • Will there be free updates for Starfield after release?

Yes! Bethesda plans to release both free updates alongside potential larger, paid content expansions.

  • Will there be a Cross Platform for Starfield?

Unfortunately, cross-platform play is not currently on the development roadmap for Starfield.

Beyond the Next Update

Bethesda has committed to ongoing support for Starfield beyond launch. While this article focuses on immediate improvements, we can certainly expect major content expansions down the road. This might include new factions, major quest lines, and even access to further star systems. Bethesda understands the potential of Starfield as a long-running franchise, and they seem prepared to support it with content for years to come.
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