Team Vitality Expands: Team Vitality Entering in Free Fire and BGMI!

Team Vitality Expands: Team Vitality Entering in Free Fire and BGMI!
Team Vitality Expands: Team Vitality Entering in Free Fire and BGMI!

Team Vitality Expands Free Fire and BGMI: Team Vitality is. one of the biggest esports teams around the world based in Paris. As one of the biggest teams, they are going to expand their game. By entering into Free Fire and Battleground Mobile India or BGMI. As we know, they have one of the biggest rosters from all around the world.

Their roster from Call of Duty: Mobile or CODM is one of the strongest teams which compete in world championships. Nevertheless, they also qualify in the finals and also hold the place of the strongest team in the COD Mobile World Championship Finals of 2021. After one mobile esports, they are going to get into two other esports. So, if you want to know more about the Team Vitality Expansion, Free Fire, Battleground Mobile India then keep reading the blog.

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Team Vitality Expands by Entering in Free Fire and BGMI

Team Vitality is expanding in Asia and specifically the Indian region. They are collecting roasters from Mumbai, India for all their Call of Duty Mobile. They already made a great and strong team for COD Mobile and now it’s time for Free Fire and BGMI. Well, Team Vitality’s major goal is to expand in India or the Indian Esports Market.

Their roster is one of the best YouTube content creators and esports players in their game. Now, they are set to become the best in all their major mobile. Esports titles include: Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Battleground Mobile India or BGMI.

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Indranil “FABINDRO” Saha will be the coast and IGL of the Team Vitality Free Fire roasters. If you did not know, Indranil is the caption of two different and major Free Fire Series. They won Esports Premier League and also Tri-Series Champion. Furthermore, the BGMI coast will be Paratik “AURUM” Mehra who is also a veteran when it comes to PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Indranil was a member of one of the most reputed teams of escorts in India which include Sixth Sense, TSM India, and many more. Here is his comment on becoming IGL and Coach of Team Vitality Free Fire:

I have been looking forward to Team Vitality’s entry into Free Fire. Since the org announced its venture into India, it has been my desire to one day be part of it. So, it is truly a dream come true. We will be making a mark very soon in Free Fire tournaments, both domestic and international.”

This is all about the upcoming and new major esports team in the Indian Esports market. After this one thing is for sure, the Indian eSports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries right now in 2022.

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