The New Spartan Assassin Skin in Fortnite

The all-new Ancient Eternal Set is out now and can be found in the Item Shop of Fortnite with the Assassin Spartan Outfit, Vanguard Flame Pickaxe and Shotgun & Shells Back Bling. Check it out here to know more.

Ancient Eternal Set Fortnite
Spartan Assassin Skin, Vanguard Flame Pickaxe, Shotgun & Shells Back Bling Fortnite

The all-new Ancient Eternal Set consists of the Spartan Assassin Skin with 2 other accessories introduced in Fortnite just today. Featuring an Outfit(Spartan Assassin Skin), a Harvesting Pickaxe(Vanguard Flame), and a Back Bling(Shots & Shells). Fortnite released this Uncommon Skin on June 3rd towards the ending of Chapter 2 Season 6.

What does The Ancient Eternal Set have?

As mentioned earlier, the set contains 3 different accessories. These contain an Outfit, a Back Bling, and a Harvesting Pickaxe. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Spartan Assassin Outfit

Spartan Assassin Skin Fortnite
Spartan Assassin Outfit

The quote tossed by Fortnite for the outfit is β€˜One by one her enemies fall…’

Moreover, the outfit includes a masked character with shotgun shells attached to her waist. A very Military look given to it as well. The skin is an Uncommon one and looks quite satisfactory. Even for an Uncommon skin it is better than the others we’ve seen so far.

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Vanguard Flame Pickaxe


Ancient Eternal Set Pickaxe
Vanguard Flame Pickaxe

The Vanguard Flame Pickaxe comes with a crescent-shaped Pickaxe attached to the handle with shiny orange rays. An amazing contrail at the same time as well. Overall it is exemplary and is a Rare Pickaxe. It does complement the Spartan Assassin Skin quite well.

Shots & Shells Back Bling

Ancient Eternal Set Back Bling
Shotgun & Shells Back Bling

Covered with Shotgun Shells and a small Spaz on the side of the Backpack. It is an Uncommon Back Bling and looks pretty adequate on the skin outfit.

Check out this video to see the Spartan Assassin Skin in action in Fortnite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyfwjFzrvec

How to get the Spartan Assassin Skin?

You can purchase the Spartan Assassin from the Item Shop of Fortnite for 800 V-bucks. The whole of the Ancient Eternal Set actually costs around 1800 V-bucks. It might seem a bit expensive but we can agree that the outfit is worth it. Here’s a breakdown of the prices for each one of them:

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Spartan Assassin skin (Outfit) – for 800 V-bucks

Vanguard Flame (Harvesting Pickaxe) – for 800 V-bucks

Shots & Shells (Back Bling) – for 200 V-bucks

Hence, the entire set costing for 1800 V-bucks.

The skin was released just before the start of Chapter 2 Season 7 (June 3rd). Before the release of the skin, a few leaks were aired for the skin being released during Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite.

It can’t be said that the whole Ancient Eternal set is worth your V-bucks but the Outfit is actually dope. The skin is an Uncommon one as most people think but still looks amazing.

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