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Is Source 2 a Game Changer For CS: GO?

CS:GO Source 2
Will Counter Strike Global Offensive revive from the launch of CS: GO Source 2?

It appears like CS: GO is finally moving to Source 2. What does this mean for CS GO’s graphics and gameplay? Let’s break down all things Source 2!

How Does Source 2 Change CS GO?

For years CS GO players have been excited about the game moving to Source 2. Players have wondered how it would impact the gameplay and whether top pros could adjust to the new engine. Let’s explore the impact of Source 2. Also, if you enjoy CS GO esports, you can stream all major events in HD and bet on them at https://gg.bet/de/counter-strike!

What is Source 2?

Source 2 is a new and improved game engine. CS: GO Source 1 was the original engine and is still used to power several classic games apart from CS GO, such as Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Half-Life 2.

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Source 2 has already been deployed on several games, including Dota 2, back in 2015. CS GO fans thought that the Source 2 move would happen around the same time, but 7 years later, they are still waiting.

CS GO’s developer is hoping Source2, Valve is hoping that moving CS GO to Source2 will help the game run smoother on modern PCs, improve graphics and enhance gameplay. But will that happen? Let’s find out!

Will Source 2 Improve CS GO Graphics?

Source2 will likely enhance CS GO’s graphics. Dota 2 saw a noticeable improvement in graphics when it was switched to the new gaming engine in 2015. CS GO will likely experience a similar enhancement.

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The graphic improvements are unlikely to be as dramatic as you might expect. Valve has lost a lot of its graphic talent, and industry insiders expect a large portion of the graphics will remain the same as developers copy and paste code from Source 1 into Source2. So it is likely the game will look more polished and modern, but the new graphics won’t be a game changer.

Will Source 2 Alter CS GO’s Gameplay?

While the graphics are likely to receive a nice but not profound improvement, Source2 could potentially completely change CS GO’s gameplay. Industry insiders have even gone as far as saying that once the legendary first-person shooter is moved to Source 2, it might not even feel like CS GO anymore.

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Source2 has the potential to completely alter shooting mechanics and player movement. Things like grenade lineups could disappear from the game. This could seriously trigger existing players but is likely to result in a much smoother and modern game that doesn’t have any issues running on new PCs.

Valve has not made many announcements about when CS GO is moving to Source2. However, some internet sleuths have found some evidence in the source code. It seems like it is only a matter of time before the big move. We hope the Source2 engine results in better graphics and some fun new gameplay elements without changing the game too much!

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