Shopify Rebellion Triumphs as Valorant Game Changers Champions 2023

Shopify Rebellion
04/12/2023 | Shopify Rebellion clinches victory in a thrilling 3-2 showdown against Team Liquid, securing the Valorant 2023 Game Changers Championship title. | Credits: Valorant

The Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023 witnessed a thrilling finale as Shopify Rebellion emerged victorious in a nail-biting 3-2 showdown against Team Liquid. Shopify Rebellion’s exceptional performance throughout the tournament solidified its status as one of the most dominant Game Changers teams in history.

Shopify Rebellion showcased its prowess by securing flawless victories in all three matches, securing a direct path to the grand final. On the other hand, Team Liquid Brazil, with notable wins against formidable opponents like G2 and Team SMG, displayed determination in their pursuit of a home win. The stage was set for an epic clash, and here’s a detailed recap of the grand final.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Grand Final Map Pool

The grand final, a best-of-five match, unfolded across three intense maps. Rebellion strategically removed Split and Bind, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown.

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Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 1

The first match kicked off on Haven, with Team Liquid dominating the initial rounds as attackers. Despite Shopify Rebellion’s valiant defense of C-site, Team Liquid maintained a two-win lead. Daiki’s exceptional performance kept Team Liquid ahead, but as the match progressed, Shopify Rebellion, led by florescent, made a remarkable comeback. The match extended to Sudden Death, with an electrifying Jett ult securing Shopify Rebellion’s victory.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 2

The second match was an intense battle, with both teams fiercely competing for an early lead. Shopify Rebellion focused on countering Team Liquid’s Skye, reducing their survivability. This strategic move allowed Shopify Rebellion to secure a four-win lead by the half. However, Team Liquid, in their signature fashion, mounted a comeback, equalizing the score 11-11 and clinching a crucial win.

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Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 3

Shopify Rebellion dominated Match 3, securing an impressive seven-game lead to the dismay of the São Paulo crowd. Despite the massive deficit, Team Liquid displayed resilience, returning to their fundamentals. While they closed in on Shopify Rebellion’s score, the NA team faced a one-sided 13-5 defeat, bringing the score to 1-2 in favour of Team Liquid.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 4

With Team Liquid eyeing victory to close out the series, a dicey pistol round unfolded on a familiar map. Smart moves from Bizerra provided Team Liquid with a monumental 10-2 lead. An unexpected ace from Florescent injected hope into NA fans, initiating a slow comeback. Despite Team Liquid’s noble effort, Shopify Rebellion couldn’t find meaningful momentum, and Team Liquid sealed the game, equalizing the score at 2-2.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 5

In Match 5, Team Liquid aimed to complete their remarkable lower bracket run and defeat the undefeated Shopify Rebellion roster. Conversely, Shopify Rebellion had the chance to conquer one of the strongest teams in Game Changers 2023 with a perfect run.

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Similar to the first game, Match 5 witnessed a dangerously close battle, with both sides vying for any lead. Shopify Rebellion gained a significant advantage after switching sides, staging a monumental comeback, thwarting Team Liquid’s reverse sweep, and securing victory in the Valorant 2023 Game Changers. The final kill from Florescent marked the culmination of an exceptional tournament run for Shopify Rebellion.


Shopify Rebellion’s triumph in the Valorant 2023 Game Changers Championship adds a significant chapter to its legacy. The all-woman superteam’s stellar performance and strategic gameplay showcased their dominance in the competitive Valorant scene. As the curtains fall on this edition of Game Changers, fans eagerly anticipate future tournaments and the continued success of teams that redefine the esports landscape.

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