Valorant Game Changers Team “noot noot” Investigated for Cheating

Game Changers
07/10/2023 | Valorant Game Changers team “noot noot” faces cheating allegations, impacting the Game Changers Series III tournament. Riot investigation is underway. | Credits: Valorant

The Valorant esports community has been thrown into turmoil as allegations of cheating surround the Game Changers team “noot noot.” Following suspicious wins and an extended pause during a match, Riot Anti-Cheat has confirmed that one of noot noot’s players was indeed cheating. This revelation has led to questions about the fairness of the ongoing Game Changers Series III tournament and calls for action from Riot Games.

Game Changers Suspicious Matches

The controversy began during a Game Changers Series III match between noot noot and Complexity GX3. During this game, an unusual and extended pause occurred on noot noot’s side, raising suspicions among viewers. Despite the pause, noot noot went on to secure a victory against Complexity GX3, leaving many in the community puzzled.

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Following this victory, noot noot faced Disguised Game Changers (GC) and once again emerged victorious. These consecutive wins raised eyebrows and prompted closer scrutiny of noot noot’s gameplay.

In response to mounting concerns, Riot Anti-Cheat conducted a thorough investigation. The results were conclusive – one of noot noot’s players had indeed been cheating. This revelation sent shockwaves through the Valorant esports scene, and the community began demanding accountability.

The Fate of Disguised GC

As a result of their loss to noot noot, Disguised GC was relegated to the Lower Bracket. The Valorant community is now calling upon Riot Games to reevaluate Disguised GC’s position and reconsider their loss. Many fans believe that the Lower Bracket has been tainted by the cheating scandal and assert that fairness should be restored.

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The Ongoing Investigation in Game Changers

At present, noot noot is under investigation to determine the full extent of their cheating throughout Game Changers Series III and potentially other events. While the forfeiture of their match against Complexity GX3 has been confirmed, the outcome of their match against Disguised GC remains uncertain.

Community Reactions

The Valorant community is divided in its response to the cheating allegations. Some fans find entertainment in the drama surrounding the tournament, while others express deep concern about the integrity of competitive Valorant. Many eagerly await Riot Games’ official response and decisions regarding the future of noot noot and the impacted matches.

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The Valorant esports community finds itself in a state of upheaval as the Game Changers team noot noot faces allegations of cheating. With Riot Anti-Cheat’s confirmation of foul play and questions about the fairness of ongoing matches, the competitive integrity of Valorant’s Game Changers Series III is in doubt. As the investigation unfolds, the community looks to Riot Games for a resolution that will restore confidence in the competitive scene.

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