Run It Back Bundle Returns Featuring Ion Phantom

Run it back
Run it back Valorant

New Leaks were dropped via ValorLeaks on Twitter beforehand of the upcoming Episode Two. Such as new Valorant Run It Back skins at the side of the modern Battle Pass
With Patch 5.01 changing up the meta with adjustments to Phoenix and Yoru.

Valorant is ready to introduce a new ‘Run it Back’ package a good way to feature a few iconic weapon cosmetics from the preceding iterations of pores and skin traces launched as part of the in-sport items. The Run it Back package deal is full of fan-favorite weapon skins such as the Ion Phantom.

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Which Skins Will We Have In Run It Back?

Run It Back
Run It Back Bundle

The new ‘Run It Back’ pores and skin package deal changed into discovered by using ValorLeaks on Twitter and can be dispatched into the game as a part of the 5.01 patch update.

Priced at 5946 Valorant Points(VP), the bundle will function five weapons which includes the following:

  • Radiant disaster 001 Bucky
  • Ion Phantom
  • Ego Stinger
  • Magepunk Operator
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic

Although the package deal will now not be offering a Melee knife, the package deal has quite secured advantageous remarks from the community thanks to the Ion Phantom which has in the end made its way to the package deal after having crowned the charts as one of the most unique Phantom skins.

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Each weapon pricing of the above skins has been set to 1775 Valorant Points(VP).
The Run It Back skin package deal will come out with the 5.01 patch update which also comes with a buff update to Phoenix, Yoru, and KAY/O. There will also be a smurf detection system that would now matchmake according to the rank and skill level of the player. This feature will help avoide smurfing.

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